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  1. Hey all! On 2018 I published an album called The March of the Machines. It's a robot themed concept album consisting of 10 NES & SNES title songs. On 2021 I will be releasing new Sinfinian stuff and I would appreciate any constructive feedback / criticism on the previous release. Thank you and happy holidays! -M / Sinfinian Here's the links for the album: Track listings: 01. The Trail Of Tears (Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears) 02. The Essence Of Alloy (Mega Man II - Metal Man) 03. Awake In The Dark (Zelda: A Link To The Past - Dark World) 04. Technological Knock-Out!! (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - Fight) 05. Lunar Path (Ducktales - The Moon) 06. Alchemy In A Tin Can (Final Fantasy VI - Devil's Lab) 07. Dragon Morph (Double Dragon - Mission 1) 08. The Remains Of The Last Droid (Super Metroid - Theme) 09. Unite The Robothood (Secret Of Mana - Leave Time For Love) 10. The March Of The Machines (Mega Man II - Dr. Wily Stage 1/2)
  2. Thank you for the kind thought but I don't think that is something I need help with. The advice I'm looking for relates more to how to get the songs out for the listeners. - R0-z
  3. Hi all! We're working on a Youtube video series combining heavy metal renditions of NES & SNES classics with animated story. I myself am working on the music and would not mind getting some guidance as well as critique. I'd love to have the songs available on OCR but I don't know if I should wait until the whole project is done and then request the whole album to be published at once or one song at a time. Is there any benefits having a whole album vs. one song at a time? Also if there's anything I should know since the music is also available on iTunes, Spotify etc. Here are the videos, we hope you like them! Any feedback is highly appreciated! - R0-z
  4. Hi all! I'm a Finnish musician who does heavy metal versions of (mostly) NES & SNES game songs. I released a music video on youtube a month ago (search sinfinian if you wish to see it) and I'll be sending some my versions to OCR judge panel shortly. Hopefully having some collaborations at some point. Good to meet you all!
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