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  1. I just remembered that 'Submerged Forest' is a strange remix taken from 'Guardian Heroes.' I was aiming for the atmosphere of a different game, but I dont know which.
  2. Hi, I'm Quinn. :) 'Be Attitude' is from Radiant Silvergun. Hard to do. 'Ceramic Hallways' is from Phantasy Star 3. Trash. 'Charm Vibes' is from Ristar. A cute Latin style remix. 'Dark Engine' is from Scorcher. Dont ask me what I was thinking, it's awful. 'Moonlight Alone' is from Lunar 2 : Eternal Blue. One of my favorite RPG's ever. 'Submerged Forest' is from I have no clue. I think it was option music from a Sega game, but that doesn't help..... been a long time. 'Tree to Woodwind' is from Panzer Dragoon Zwei. I remember working very hard on this at the time. Might not sound great, but damn, what a game.... Liontamer, you're right. That 'Solace Eldean' track is definitely mine. I wrote it back in 1996!!! Not sure who yanked it, but strange; it was an original.
  3. You can check my remixes at OCR, under my name. I've done many in the past.
  4. Hey, if I can take Mountain Path of Ice Fog, then count me in. I'm back in the scene, so to speak.