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  1. i'll be working on the first remix in parallel to the next one. I'll post them when the time is right and I'm sure they are ready.

  2. Roz, that evaluation was a nice read. Thanks, I've learned a lot. I'll be working on this track for quite some time. Polishing all that's good, improving what's not good (mixing, sequencing, sound design) and taking some liberties on the main arrangement... (That lead synth panning is gonna get axed.) It's gonna be fun ride.
  3. Thanks, I'm still not sure what kind of mood/genre I was going for while making it. Coming up with ideas for the track was entirely subconscious. As a perfectionist, It's kinda hard for me to ignore the urge to make everything 'calculated'... That's a flaw I have as an artist. I'll try to make the velocity sensitivity less subtle (the piano has some variation) and timing less robotic About the strings: the EQ I did on them may be why it doesn't sound as natural as it should (they used to sound less 'bassy' but with a realistic variation in volume). Maybe this track isn't ready just yet... I'll update the post as soon as I fix these problems. Thanks for your feedback, It's helping me a lot in shaping my amateur-ish approach to remixing.
  4. Anything that has the words "Remix" and "Stickerbrush Symphony" gets extra points on my book. I have tried (Oh so many times) remixing this atmospheric masterpiece by David Wise, and never could achieve such mastery over the simple but catchy drum beat, chill inducing synths and the sheer wonder it gives to the human ear. I did enjoy the remix and like some of the cool sounds in there. Just try to experiment a bit with tools like EQ, reverb and filters next time. Overall You, sir, have a lot of potential as a remixer. Far more than I ever had when I started. I agree. Heck, I've used to make really crappy songs that sound like bootleg chiptunes .
  5. The originals had this distinct epic feeling while your remix feels like something I would hear in Mega-Man, which is a good thing. While I do quite enjoy the change into Frog's theme. there are sometimes where it sounds kinda harsh (like the trumpet around 1:16) , just a little bit of EQ would help. Overall a quite enjoyable core that just needs some EQ.
  6. Even though the awe-inspiring original is haunting, gloomy or ominous. This remix (new version) feels like something I would hear on OC's channel... I like the kinda upbeat and calmer feeling of this remix and completely fits the genre the song is going for. It does need a little tweaking on the mixing because the piano feels slightly mild while the guitar gets the spotlight. (just slightly though)
  7. The post has been updated with a tweaked version of the Remix, and added URL's to the source material.
  8. I did try varying the velocity on the piano but sadly it's lost when exporting, but I'll try to export to a different extension then converting it back to MP3. As with hit-hats and cymbals, thanks! My earphones suck so I didn't hear this until I borrowed my friend's headset... I'll try EQ on em'. Thank you very much for giving feedback.
  9. I'm brainstorming ideas for another remix... this time on Unreal Tournament.

  10. I've made the track using Default VST's just tweaked enough to sorta emulate the vibe of the original instrumentation. Hopefully you enjoy it. That's what I want to achieve. Last Update: After some revisions and taking feedback into consideration, This track is being labeled W.I.P. until I get a new version done. (it's gonna take a while.) Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX0hU7jQ5O4 The NYC Streets Break or Tabla Break has a tempo change and some changes in the strings chords to complement the piece in general and I didn't want it to sound like a medley. https://youtu.be/RgIE6Pb_MFE?t=51s And finally I threw in UNATCO's main melody in the very end. https://youtu.be/nBPK_oXeJgA?t=22s