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  1. CelestialAeon

    2. ready for review FFVI - Terra's theme

    Thank you for your kind words! And I know what you mean about length. It's sometimes really hard to decide regarding keeping it short and more to the point instead of building and making it more epic and longer arc. But this time I thought that instead of doing that climax I wanted it to stay fragile and short. It enhances the sort of tragic and sad aspect to it. But we'll see if I return to this theme and make a longer remix or something
  2. CelestialAeon

    2. ready for review FFVI - Terra's theme

    Cheers mate, thank you so much! I thought about the length, but eventually decided that sometimes it might be more reasonable to just keep it simple and short to enhance the moment. Have to check out Progressive Memory!
  3. I wanted to stay close to the original melody but create still a clearly new version, hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. FF7 remix album One-Winged Angel (Youtube) Six tunes from Final Fantasy VII with my personal orchestral handling and vision. In my opinion the best tunes. Prelude, main theme, Aerith's theme, battle music, Judgement Day and of course One-Winged Angel. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  5. CelestialAeon

    3. completed Skyrim Dragonborn theme ambient remix

    Thank you so much, so glad to hear you enjoyed it! It was quite a different from anything I usually do, so I wasn't quite sure if it will work or not
  6. CelestialAeon

    What type of promotion is best for a music artist?

    It depends on your genre and focus and goals etc. Do you want to be a professional and only do music or is it sort of a semi professional hobby? All in all I'd say that no matter how much energy and time you invest into it, it all comes down to luck and timing. There is no magic way to guarantee anything. World is full with musicians and projects that just never "achieved it" no matter what and it often doesn't mean that their music sucks. That is just how the world works. The internet definitely lowers the bar when it comes to what is possible, but it still is hard work. I'd say you can use whatever tools are available and you should.
  7. This is one of my latest tunes I produced mainly with Spitfire Albion I and 8Dio choirs. I wanted to go for this kind of epic fantasy / epic trailer sound that creates a strong sense of adventure and the anxious joy that is related that epic moment.
  8. I wanted to create an atmospheric and ambient remix of the wonderful Dragonborn theme of Skyrim. Hope you enjoy it!