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  1. I don't think the notes from 1:52-1:58 are wrong... though it is out of place, I think he just rose an octave for a few seconds... no one knows until he gives out the scores that he wrote for it. In this piece, I think he did a great job remixing it... There's several places that he changed keys for the remix... another one for example would be 2:47-2:52... the notes do work, but he either changed an octave higher or something. Either way, it was a nice remix!
  2. It's not bad... a bit repetitive towards the end though the theme is jazz... the repetitions almost become monotonous at the end... which isn't necessarily bad, but a bit outdated. The 1st few seconds make the piece seem a bit muddled... so that needs to be cleared up, but besides that I would say this is a great piece... I've always liked rockman remixes =)!
  3. definitely great remix. You almost can't tell this is a zelda piece, but parts of the music brings you back from thinking it's something else! Great mix and wonderful arrangement of instruments!
  4. This is definitely a great remix! It brought back some memories of the game. I remember playing this game when I was a kid! Definitely a wonderful remix... I think I would take out some of the synths, since it seems more like noise than just part of the song itself.
  5. all I can say is that... I want the guitar tabs... I want to learn how to play this song completely!!! hell I got a guitar just so I can learn how to play this!!!
  6. to simply say wonderful is an understatement really... this remix has not only my favorite track from the game, but it was well... it didn't go as far as changing the whole feel of the ambience it gave in the original, but it enhanced it by giving the digital weak midi, that the SNES had, into an orchestrated wonder. great job... the piano solo fading into the flute was something that the game did fairly successfully, but you just blew it away.!
  7. I have to say from a lot of Rockman Remixes... this has to be one of thee best remixes... it's very vibrant and extremely creative... It has a bit of flare to it that I just haven't seen in the past few years.
  8. COTMM is a nice ambience piece... but it's Fairly sluggish... it takes longer than necessary for the other instruments to come in, but when it hit the mark it sounds nice... When I listen to this piece.. I find myself clicking on the scroll bar to the point where the other instruments come in... Maybe editing this for a shorter track or maybe shortening the intro down so the other instruments can come in at an earlier time.?
  9. this rocks!!! one of thee best remixes I've heard lately... the repetitions of the guitar slowly leads in the mood for the recorder/ocarnia/ or the wind instrument soon after -- it's very soft and has a smooth rythmn to it. I've kept this on my favorites list for a long time!
  10. this piece is what I believe to be perfect as is!!! I even recommended it to one of my associates for their wedding! it sounds so nice =D they are actually going to play it =D
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