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  1. Hey guys! This is an arrangement for Piano of "Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X by Nobuo Uematsu. Another meditative/contemplative piece, I wanted to keep the simplicity of the original in the first half, but then, decided to explore some emotional effect in the second rendition of the piece with a cross-rhythm in the left hand. Disclaimer: Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu, visuals are in-game footage.
  2. Hiya everyone! This is an arrangement for full Orchestra and Chorus centring on Mipha from Legend of Zelda - Breath of The Wild. This piece explores the intimate and tragic connection between Link and Mipha, the Zora's Champion. Mipha is linked unavoidably with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta by virtue of being the Zora Champion and along with the other Champions and Divine Beasts, assists Link in his journey to bring down the Calamity Ganon once and for all. The intimate past between Link and Mipha was cut short by Mipha's death at the hands of Waterblight Ganon, and upon the defeat of the latter, Mipha greets Link once more and blesses him with her Grace. Disclaimer - Original music is by Manuka Kataoka. Visuals are original in-game footage.
  3. Thanks Souperion But on the YouTube page, there's only been 260+ watches, so loads of people have clicked, but not watched? It doesn't seem to make sense. Really weird.
  4. Hi Everybody! Here's a new piece; quite a popular piece from Link's Awakening, so Idunno how this version might be received. I was going for a "filmscore-esque" arrangement in this piece, and the use of the strings and brass playing the melody I think went very well.
  5. Hey everyone! Here is a newly uploaded video of another arrangement I've made - A Secret of Mana Fantasia for full Orchestra taken from the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu Soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta. Secret of Mana was originally made for the SNES but has since enjoyed a remake. The music in this Fantasia include "Fear of the Heavens", "Into the thick of things", "a Wish", and "Fly into the Unknown". The pieces linked very well together in order to contrast the many atmospheres and emotions the game has in the course of the adventures it holds. Disclaimer: Original music is by Hiroki Kikuta, visuals are screenshots of in-game footage and artwork.
  6. Hey everybody! Well, as I made a Piano arrangement of Aerith's Theme from FFVII, I thought I'd make an arrangement of Tifa's Theme too! The simplicity and nakedness of the music I feel is really effective, but I'll let you guys be the judges of that! Enjoy!
  7. Hey everyone! The newest arrangement is now up, it's a Waltz (yes; another!) but this time, based upon the Comet Observatory Music from Super Mario Galaxy. After playing this through from beginning to end during the lockdown here in the UK, I thought this piece would be just perfect for a Waltz, and it didn't disappoint! I did try to insert a couple of other melodies (disguised, of course!! :D), if you can figure them out, good on you! ^_^; Do hope you enjoy!!
  8. Hey everyone! OK, so to add to all the awesome Final Fantasy hype going about the place, I've decided to do something a bit........ 'different' Here's the newest piece of music I've arranged, a version of the Final Fantasy VI Opera Scene, arranged for a String Octet (traditionally, two String Quartets put together, put pretty much any mix of 8 stringed instruments). At MagFest this year, the Triforce and Videri String Quartets both participated in an orchestral performance I directed, we performed a couple of parts from The Creation of Hyrule! (yay!! ) so, as a way of thanks, I arranged this piece for them (and one more, which is to come! ) Enjoy!
  9. Hey everybody! To celebrate the new remake of FFVII, I decided to start making Piano Arrangements, and here's the first I've done - Aerith's Theme from FFVII. A simple one, but hope it has a good effect on the listener
  10. Hi Everybody! This is an arrangement for full Orchestra of the Ending music from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2 (original; Lost Levels in the west), entitled "The Mushroom Kingdom National Anthem". I always felt this music had a solemn and regal air to it, and would be a fantastic candidate for the National Anthem if the Mushroom Kingdom ever had one! Hope you agree Disclaimer: Original music is by Koji Kondo, video content is in-game footage and all artwork property of their original creators.
  11. Hi everybody! Hope you had a good Xmas! I have an announcement for the upcoming 2020 MagFest if any of you are going: This Saturday, 4th January, 10am at MagFest - we will be running a Panel on how Videogame music can act as Program Music. As an example, we will be performing with a scaled-down Orchestra, the Symphonic Poem 'The Creation of Hyrule', an hour-long epic which contains music from 8 different LoZ soundtracks to explain and illustrate how Videogame OST can tell a definite story. This is a piece I posted a couple of years ago in the 'Post your Remixes' Forum if you want to know more about it. If you are going, and like Zelda music or the concept we're trying to illustrate in this panel, then PLEASE come along for an amazing one-off experience!!
  12. Happy Xmas everybody! I thought for Xmas to share a piece for Brass Band, a 'Festive Fantasia' consisting of around half a dozen Carols. Hope you enjoy!! Festive Fantasia.mp3
  13. Hi Everybody! This is an arrangement for String Quartet of the Wii Shop Theme from the Nintendo Wii. I had the idea of arranging this piece for this medium after hearing the amazing Triforce Quartet perform their own version. After feeling that the melody and sound palate would be very suitable for that type of musical medium. The intimate nature of the Shopping music was much more suitable, I felt, for a smaller group than a larger one, and I was not disappointed one bit with the resulting piece! Disclaimer: Original music is by Kazumi Totaka, Images are original artwork and in-game screenshots.
  14. Heya everyone! Here's an arrangement for full Orchestra of the Main Theme from Starfox, the original SNES game. The music throughout the gameplay, I felt, was very powerful in its harmonies and the staying power of the melody in this piece in particular. This version plays out in the End Credits, and I felt the piece was deserving of being raised from 16-bit format to a full Orchestral palate as it had so much to offer. Disclaimer - Original music is by Hajime Hirasawa. Images are in-game footage and artwork.
  15. Hey guys, Here is the newest uploaded video to YouTube, this is the Orchestration of "Song of Healing" from Majora's Mask by Koji Kondo. As the original music only used piano and strings, I attempted in this arrangement to start off with the original scoring, then add more instruments for effect. There then follows a developmental part where the music builds up to full orchestra, portraying the blissful sense of relief upon being released from torment or unhappiness, followed by the original thematic material in contrasting groups of instruments to round the piece off, with a fragment of Zelda's Lullaby at the very end. (visuals are original artwork and in-game footage)
  16. It was made with Sibelius and NotePerformer. I haven't done anything to the Equaliser, but if you have any advice on making it a better sound, please do offer some as it'd be warmly received.
  17. Hi everyone! Here's the newest arrangement - one for full Orchestra, entitled "Ready for Battle". It is an arrangement of the Main Theme from Fallout 4 by Inon Zur. I first heard this music by the London Videogame Orchestra, then later on, performed by the BBC Studio Orchestra, conducted by Eimear Noone. The piece had such an impression on me, that I was inspired to write a version of my own, expanding upon the material in the original piece, to try and capture the Martial/War-like atmosphere of the Videogame, juxtaposed with the desolation of the world ravaged by War. Original music is by Inon Zur. Image Artwork is in-game footage from Fallout 4.
  18. Hiya guys, new piece here: ………*drumroll*………. …...The Football March! This is an arrangement for a full orchestra; a March based on the End Credits music of Super Mario World. As the Game is American Football-themed (the Chargin' Chucks, Goalposts, etc.), I decided to give this piece the name "The Football March". I have had plans on writing this piece for some time as the swing to the piece, as well as the faster strict-rhythm section made great material for a more flamboyant and impacting piece than the 16-bit music would permit, so I decided to give it the power of a full Orchestra to bring it to life much more. In this arrangement, I kept the music true to its original form, but developed the sounds through the different families of the Orchestra; Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion to really spice the Orchestration up and make it sound like a March for an American Football event! Disclaimer:- Original music is by Koji Kondo.
  19. Hey everyone, new video! This is an arrangement of "Gourmet Race" from Kirby Super Star. I had the idea of arranging this piece in a Russian Folk song format, after listening to Korobeiniki, the main theme for Tetris played by the Red Army Choir, and also hearing it played in a number of guises at MagFest, I got the feeling that the music in Gourmet Race would really be very suitable for that kind of music. I gave it a go, and was very pleased with the resulting piece
  20. Hey everybody! This is an arrangement of the "Menu 1" Music from Super Smash Bros. Melee, which featured in the Materia Collective "MENU" Album at the beginning of the year. In this piece, I took the original version and developed adding sections to the piece that enhances it's martial, combative atmosphere. This is the Live recording, featuring musicians from Materia Collective. Disclaimer: Original music is by Hirokazu Ando, Images are original game artwork and in-game screenshots.
  21. Hi there everybody! I completed a new arrangement, entitled "The Marine Waltz". This is an arrangement for a full orchestra; a Waltz based on two themes: The Underwater music from Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario World. It's modelled on the Waltzes of Strauss and Tchaikovsky. I've have had plans on writing this piece for some years, as the melodies make fantastic material for a Waltz - the bouncy rhythms lend themselves to powerful and vivid orchestration. In this arrangement, I intended to evoke the atmosphere of a 19th Century Dance Hall. After a slow introduction, based on the opening line of the SMW Underwater theme, the theme is then played through in its entirety, first in the Woodwinds, then in the Strings, as the Brass provides the rhythm, before building up to the end of the section where the music modulates from F major to C major. The SMB Underwater theme is brought in, being played through three times in ever increasing thickness of orchestration, before the music comes to a radiant conclusion using a segment of the SMB Underwater theme in a Tchaikovsky-esque Coda.
  22. Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been away for a bit with many things getting in between me and coming here more often! Here is a new piece I've finished: Hyrule Castle. It's an arrangement for Orchestra of the Hyrule Castle Music from Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess and WindWaker. I did my best here to let the different themes mix and flow into each other here, which I'm quite pleased with. I do hope you enjoy!
  23. I definitely can, although I'm not certain what the purpose would be for that?? And thank you!
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