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  1. Hi everybody! Hope you're all doing well and keeping safe! Here is the newest arrangement: A Piano version of "Dragonborn" from the Elder scrolls V; Skyrim. Hope you enjoy! Original music by Jeremy Soule
  2. Hey everyone! To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, I made a new arrangement of some Age of Calamity music - the Final Battle against Calamity Ganon! Enjoy!
  3. Hi everybody! Here is the latest arrangement uploaded to YouTube - a Piano arrangement of Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time by Koji Kondo. This is a piece that has been requested in the past, and I felt that the piece would sound good with a flowing, lyrical, but constantly changing background over which the melody plays out repeatedly. Enjoy!
  4. Hi everybody! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda, there's going to be a Live Premiere of a new Symphonic Poem, based on music only from the Majora's Mask Soundtrack by Koji Kondo. This is a Symphonic work for a full Orchestra, and is premiering at 19:00 UK time (14:00 EST) on YouTube. The link is below; hope to see you all there!!
  5. He everyone! New arrangement here, "Sussession of Witches" from Final Fantasy VIII. I wanted to work on suspense and buildup in this arrangement, and quite liked how it panned out! DISCLAIMER - Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu.
  6. I'm happy to announce that at MagFest this year, we performed the first and last parts of it with an impromptu orchestra. Please enjoy! The Creation of Hyrule - YouTube
  7. Hey everyone! Decided to go for an old-time favourite and make a piece based on the Russian Folk Song "Korobeiniki", better known as the main theme to Tetris. Had a lot of fun making this. Decided to use Franz Liszt and Mikhail Glinka as inspirations for how to use the melody and how it related to the background accompaniment!
  8. Hey guys, Here's a new arrangement, a full Orchestral arrangement of the slow, meditative, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV. I always felt this piece could do with a nice polished sheen to it like Hollywood film music, so I tried that in this arrangement. Disclaimer: Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu, visuals are in-game cutscenes.
  9. Hi everybody, Here's a new upload to YouTube for you all, a Waltz for Piano based on Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time, in part inspired by Franz Liszt. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER - Original music by Koji Kondo
  10. Hi everyone! Here's the latest arrangement - Tal Tal Heights from The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening. In this piece I wanted to steadily increase the intensity of the Orchestration from quiet strings in the beginning, to full heroic Orchestra by the end. DISCLAIMER: Original music is by Ryo Nagamatsu, visuals are in-game play.
  11. Hi everybody! Just wanted to share with you guys the Final Fantasy Overture that's just premiered on YouTube. It's for a full-scale Orchestra that consists of over a dozen pieces from 9 different FF games, all written by the great Nobuo Uematsu. This year, I conducted a performance (in part) of The Creation of Hyrule at MAGFest, and in the volunteer Orchestra were members of the Triforce and Videri String Quartets. As a vote of thanks, I constructed this Overture for String Octet, but then thought about Orchestrating it for a Full Orchestra. This is that full Orchestra Version, accompanied by a video of my own making. Please enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Music is by Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimomura, all visuals are of in-game footage/cutscenes.
  12. Here's the link to the actual video on YouTube!
  13. EDIT - A FB Event has been made! https://www.facebook.com/events/799155220847104/
  14. Hi everybody! have some rather cool news for you all - in the next few weeks, there is going to be a Watch Party Premiere on YouTube of a Final Fantasy Overture, which I have spent 4 months working on. This is a piece for a full Orchestra, containing 14 of the most popular melodies from the many games in the Final Fantasy Series. It will be accompanied by a video. In the wake of Coronavirus, concerts have been put on hold, so I would like to create something for all the Distant Worlds/Symphonic Oddyssey fans to enjoy in place of these wonderful concerts while they've been placed on hold. I will keep you all updated on the latest developments. Hope to see you all there! (P. S - If this post is in the wrong place, then Admins, please move it to where it should be!)
  15. Hi everyone! Here's a new piece just completed - an Orchestral Prelude of the Main Themes from Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, combined into one single arrangement. The physical, combative and martial element as well as the hype these fantastic games produce, by virtue of being as close to the ultimate crossover as one can get, are just ideal for Orchestral arrangements, and can be manipulated to convey any and every emotion under the sun. The competitive atmosphere is what I have tried to capture in this arrangement, and hope I have done that justice! from Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Hideki Sakamoto. If ever they play music at a SSB eSporting event, I hope they choose this, as it was written with that in mind! Original Music by Hideki Sakamoto, visuals are in-game cutscenes. Enjoy!
  16. Hey everybody! Here's a new Piano Arrangement for you all, it's not a particularly complex or substantial piece this time, just a little version of the Animal Crossings Main Theme which I wanted to try out. As so many people are playing it nowadays, I thought I'd choose the main theme for people to have a go at if they wanted to try. This piece is pne of the monthly Patreon pieces (link in the video) DISCLAIMER: Original music is by Kazumi Totaka, video is original in-game footage.
  17. Hey guys! This is an arrangement of the Rainbow Road themes from Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. I wanted to keep some of the percussion for forward momentum and rhythm while making the pieces more Orchestral, and I think I did OK here. Made with Sibelius/NotePerformer. Disclaimer: Original music by Kenta Nagata, Ryo Nagamatsu and Koji Kondo.
  18. Hey everyone! The Rito Village arrangement I made has now been put into a Video and uploaded to YouTube! Please enjoy!
  19. Hi Everyone! Here's the newest piece I've arranged: The "Dire, Dire Docks/Jolly Roger Bay" Music from Super Mario 64 by Koji Kondo/Kazumi Totaka. This music accompanies two of the many levels in Super Mario 64, and is one of the more popular pieces of the game's Soundtrack; ideal material for an arrangement! In this piece, I attempted to exploit the slow nature of the music and its melodies, and try to harness the power of the music in the latter half of the piece to reflect the power of the Sea! Disclaimer - Original music is by Koji Kondo. Visuals are original in-game footage.
  20. Hey guys! This is an arrangement for Piano of "Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X by Nobuo Uematsu. Another meditative/contemplative piece, I wanted to keep the simplicity of the original in the first half, but then, decided to explore some emotional effect in the second rendition of the piece with a cross-rhythm in the left hand. Disclaimer: Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu, visuals are in-game footage.
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