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    UK, Scotland.
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    Video games, obviously. Also an avid reader and writer, and I do occasionally draw things...


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    A loony who got her hands on Flstudio mobile in about 2015, and hasn't stopped making music since. I have moved on from tiny touchscreen madness to a computer and Flstudio 12. Really need to finish all the projects I start...

    I mainly remix songs from the touhou franchise, but other things too, as well as originals. I'd say I don't really have a genre I make music in. It's all mixed. Flutes? Why not. Synths too? That'll do for me.
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    FL Studio
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    I'm a cheapskate. Anything free...
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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  1. Just a brief hello here! Been making music for about a year, and decided this would be a good place to become less isolated in my endeavours. I run a YouTube channel which SHOULD get updated every two weeks... I'm not that great with music at the moment, but hey, maybe if I bash my head against the wall long enough? Anyone who feels they could use a newbie for some slave work help, feel free to ask. I'm all up for being useful!
  2. No problem, just one new arrival to another!
  3. Very nice! Love the music box, but then, I'm always a sucker for music boxes. It all flows well for me. All I'd say is that it does sound quite similar to some other versions I've heard of the song, but that doesn't negate from my enjoyment of it.
  4. I'm new here. Very new. I couldnt think of a good place to start... So here it is! My first upload onto this site. Definitely not worthy for submission. A version of both Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room and Natural History of the Childlike Duo. These songs are not really linked together other than being from the same franchise but hey, I did what I did. Looking for feedback on whatever! All I'd say is bear in mind: I am a complete amateur and the mixing/mastering is rather a mess.
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