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  1. I dislike comments that provide no constructive criticism usually... but this mix just did nothing for me and I have no idea why... It sounded... hollow.
  2. Not like DJP to make a gramatical error... odd. Anyway, I agree that this is very hard to put on as background music, but oddly I have found that that hasn't stopped it from fitting in with my playlist for mellow OCReMixes. Go figure, nice stuff, BlueMagic. Background sounds kind of Metriodish, I guess if you listen to the piano and close your eyes and think about night time, the background could symbolize stars pretty well.
  3. I really like this mix a lot. The violin makes it, in my opinion. It bobs in and out screaming Mega Man at me the entire time. Which I really find odd since usually I prefer brass to strings. *shrug* My only complaint about the mix is that in the beginning portion there is a lot of chaos. It's hard to listen to all of the parts and separate them because they seem to entwine themselves by all using a different beat or something. Maybe it's just me, but I really like the last 3/4 of the mix... and not so much the beginning. If I could just chop off the first 1:09 of the song it would sound a lot better. Kudos on the cave drip sound fx ^^
  4. This song is amazing. I listen to OCR music while I read books usually and when this song hits about 2:51 or so I always stop and look up because it's so awesome. Most songs just play in the background while I don't really pay them much mind, but not this one. Chris surely is the man. Excellent Job. I'm not sure why you guys are bothered by the off vibe, I can't even tell that it's there really... Maybe I should listen to the source material to get an idea of what you're talking about.
  5. Very nice for a first mix! I enjoyed this quite a bit, it is a much appriciated change from the standard ReMixes of Morrowind, they did good but I believe this mix has more to offer on the sole topic that it has strayed from the slow paced and sorrowful main piece and gone closer towards the realm of techno. Well done!
  6. This mix is extremely well done and I agree that the evolution is a good approach (The Wingless being one one of my favored ReMixers on this site may have something to do with this ) However, I think that while people may come to this site looking for good music, they are originally coming to look for GAME music(I use myself as the only example since I'm not sure how other people find out about this). Evolution of music helps out with regular songs exremely, but for game music I believe the best way to think of it is how a newcomer would look at things. Your favorite game music, looking for a good Zelda song (an actiony game) and you find the theme turned into THIS, it's not bouncy at all, in fact it's soft and heaven forbid... emotional. Wouldn't you rather find something expanded upon the theme song, with a bit more of an epic pounce in it? (this idea may destory the creativity of the site, if you think so then go ahead an tell me off)Maybe DJP can add a classification system designed by himself or the judges for each ReMix so people can ease themselves in to the wonder of this website listening to their own preferred type of music first, just a suggestion. Keep it rolling oh ye with no wings, I look forward to more chewey goodness. Been keeping tabs on you since the Morrowind ReMix Mr.Michael
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