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  1. This remix is very good. I have one area that put me out of the vibe a little, and that's when the light symbols start coming in at around 41-42 seconds. If those could be toned back a little, I think that'd be an improvement. Maybe they work well on speakers, but on headphones they're a bit loud. But that's picking nits pretty severely. This is excellent! On Tarrey town as a whole. 100% would rather have a house there than in Hateno. However, I think they did a good job in this game making the relationship between Zelda & Link a NON-romantic one. They are two kids, over their respective heads, and just trying to do their best with their awesome responsibility. They are both duty bound, to a task and each other. At no point did I feel any romantic tension between them buuuuuut I haven't beaten Ganon yet. I'm too busy picking up every damned rock to find Koroks and track down the last few shrines. So maybe the last couple of scenes drive home a romantic element not shown in any of the memories thusfar (at least in my interpretation). Anyhow, excellent remix, thanks for making my life a bit better and bringing me back to Tarrey town!