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  1. No, you see, this happens for EVERY RNS FILE I HAVE. My backups all have the same error too.
  2. Oh, FUCK ME. I already uninstalled/reinstalled Reason. Any other ideas? SHIT SHIT SHIT. This happens for EVERY RNS FILE I HAVE. I'm ready to go to Sweden and hunt some Propellerhead ass.
  3. Out of curiosity, what's the problem with multiple remixes of a single track being released on the album? I can understand wanting to make most of the soundtrack is covered, but apparently there's no more room.
  4. I don't have a huge problem with peer review, if it comes to that. On an entirely different note (or maybe not), I'd like some feedback on the overall sound I'm working on right now. Drums + Bass clip I'm just screwing around with the sounds of my drum and bass patterns, and I'd like opinions on the overall feel of it. I wasn't happy with the bass sound at first (sounded too mechanical and blatently sequenced), but the drums banging around underneath it seem to disguise the flaws a bit. I guess the 4 Scream-4 units behind it helps too. I'm debating working it over to more closely match the bassline pattern in Track 15. It sounded ugly, REAL ugly, when I tried it before. It's in the same key, but let me know if this sounds completely unrecognizable, compared to the old one. (Honesty is appreciated, this is just a sample. )
  5. How about "Now we suck, just like Kirby!" I have no problems with 'The Adventurers."
  6. OH MY GOD. A mixing project that actually gives a reasonable amount of time? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! A good thing, too, since I'm on vacation between summer quarter and fall quarter.
  7. Well, just making sure, you know, that "Final Star" doesn't suggest slow acoustic guitar ballads or anything.
  8. What the hell. 14/15 - Final Star Did I miss a full explanation of the different ranks (you gave examples for a few on page 1)? I'm guessing Final Star would be some epic battle music.
  9. Ooo, we get to stake claims! I've always wanted to kick someone in the throat for the song I want... Track 4/5, that Green Greens theme thingy. I WANT.
  10. Okay. The bandwith is for shit, though. If you have an Amazon account, I'll post that link once it clears through, so it won't take forever to get the damn song...
  11. I'll bite. My most recent completed song: Inspire. I likey this concept.
  12. Hey guys. Someone on another board asked me to make a supersaw sound with Reason, and I figured it will be good knowledge anyways, so I went ahead and tried. Much to my surprise, I came up with something in about 10 minutes, mainly by accident. Right Click, Save As (it's geocities, so if it doesn't work, wait a hour or so...) It's not perfect, and it could use some EQ'ing, but it seems to have helped the person who asked, so maybe it'll help those that have had problems getting the sound they want.
  13. Holy crap. This song is catchy as holy hell. I love it. Excellent work.
  14. I don't have immediate access to that song right now (later tonight I will), but if it's the one I'm thinking of...sort of. It's that wide, distorted bassline thingy, right? I've made stuff like that before. I've never tried that type of automation before, though. Worth a shot, I guess.
  15. Hey, that FAQ is nice. I was over at the tranceaddict boards, and someone new to Reason asked for a demonstration (when I pressed him further, he said "Punk"), so I whipped up a quicky "Punk"-ripoff demo file. Link. Fear the lack of bandwith. (if it doesn't work, wait an hour) It's not an exact representation in any sense, but if you're new to Reason, it might help a bit. And if it sucks (it does), feel free to not let me know.
  16. If I could hear a specific sample that's clipping, I could probably offer some specific advice. But otherwise... Compress things with excessive peaks, like drums, basslines, odd FX, stuff like that. Don't OVER-compress it (unless you like the sound you get out of it), but you should be able to buy yourself a bit more breathing room simply with some light compression on certain areas of the track. If your bassline is causing problems, EQ it a bit. I almost always completely cut off everything below 50 Hz unless I have a very good reason for doing otherwise. That's a level that a lot of woofers can't accurately project, and you can make up for it by boosting around 150-300 Hz if it really needs it. Actually, doing a hard cut 30-50Hz and below off your ENTIRE track isn't such a bad idea either. It's usually wasted, and it takes up frequency room. You can't do this in FruityLoops, but Normalization will help out too. It's something that's in most sound editing/mastering software, like Sound Forge or T-Racks. It'll make your track louder without clipping. There's other things you could try, but you have to start somewhere...
  17. I would personally use notation, and rewrite the lead, because LFO's/Mod's don't really cut the sound quick enough for me. I know that RV304810239487-whatever Reverb unite has some sort of Gating mechanism on it, but I'll be damned if I can get it to work... Also, you can put more variation if you're not relying on a waveshape to modulate the volume for you.
  18. I usually don't do anything complicated like that, although, I suppose you could set an LFO/Mod on the volume or something...kind of an extreme vibrato, or something. Are you having problems programming a synth sound? Or are you just looking to make a good pattern? I usually just sequence it directly onto the track...
  19. Hey, thanks for the tip. I can't believe I friggin forgot about that...
  20. How about... What location do you place your own ReFills? Every time I boot up a song, I have to manually feed the location of all the Refills every single time...
  21. When I saw the topic for this, the first thought that immediately came to my head was Culex from Mario RPG. And then I remembered that I faced him when I was approximately level 13. Didn't go well for me... Anyways...I'm the boss of Battlefield 1942, and I'm more or less unbeatable. ( ) Does that count?
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