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  1. @Rhanti Salut Voisin! Moi aussi je suis du Québec! Concerning the judges' review: @prophetik music I liked the piano. I don't know if you're familiar with old "Chansonnier" music, like Jacques Brel, Joe Dassin, Georges Brassens etc, but the piano (or the music in general) in those pieces always had that frequency-squished, analog AM-radio-like feel so I thought what @colorado weeks did there was quite on purpose. As for the vocal range, you have no idea my friend. I can't tell you how many times I had to redo so many of the parts, it was so low, I felt like I was croaking instead of singing. @Liontamer I agree about the ending and the lack of dynamic qualities. I'd 100% be game to re-do it is CW is game, see where we can take this. @MindWanderer again, absolutely right about the range. If we were to redo this, I'd ask if it was possible to raise it maybe 2 semitones. (Unless that's a big no-no on the remix world). I'm used to singing classic opera. I have a very powerful voice but my range is unfortunately limited on both ends. I'm a very light baritone, or a very heavy tenor, whatever floats :) I can also croon like Frank Sinatra but this was my first experience as a "chansonnier" and singing so deep in the bass range was very challenging to me. @XPRTNovice I agree 100% that this can be taken further. Again, it all depends if CW is game or if she's had enough of her crazy maple syrup neighbor :D This was a hugely fun experience to me. I sincerely hope I can collab with more talented OC Remixers again!! Thank you for the opportunity!
  2. I shall gladly join Team SNES. As I was saying on Discord, I have never, ever done anything like this before and my grasp of the musical theory is laughable at best. But I have passion and I love me some SNES FF. Let's see if I can help!
  3. Hello OCR. Following JohnStacy's advice, I will post my old remixes here to let you guys tell me if they are OCR worthy. I have many PS remixes completed and self-published, but as per forum rules, I will go with one remix at a time. Once that particular remix is completely dealt with, I will move on to the next. I am in absolutely no hurry. This is "Orakian Anger", a PSIII remix/medley of several songs: (mainly) Rhys's Anger, The Lashute city theme and one of the battle themes. It's been on Youtube for three years and has been generally well received. I am not opened to editing this song any further, only to get an opinion to know if it is worthy of OCR standards for official submission. Here is the link. Have a good listen and thank you all.
  4. Ahh thank you, I should have spotted that earlier. Keep in mind that except for my latest, which is still being worked on, none of my Remixes are opened to modification, most of them have already been published for years and for all the obvious reasons, I don't want to edit them. That's why I wanted to know if they were proper OCR material in their current state.
  5. Hello, OCR community. I have been a big. big fan of OCR for years, I have been religiously listening to the remixed content here, my kids go to sleep with OCR soft melodies, my tabletop games are played to the sound of energetic OCR remixes: I'm a lover of video game music and this place is a temple to me. For years, I have worked hard to try and create remixes as good as my favourite remixers here, people like Argle, zircon and bLiNd, only to name a few. I specialise in Phantasy Star. (Specialise is an understatement, I worship the series) I have quite a few remixes published on my blog, Youtube and Soundcloud and gathered quite the happy following since my first remix in... 2006 if memory serves right. I submitted my very first remix here back then but it was refused, deemed "too close to the original", which is really accurate, it was more or less an orchestral cover more than a remix. I was also 13 years younger and had an ego that was somewhat very easy to bruise. I had two kids since then, I matured. A little ;-) Since then, my remixing skills have improved a lot and I have learned to add my own personality to my work. I'm not a musician, I write everything by ear, have been writing originals since around 1998. So, my question, is there a way to quickly evaluate the OCR potential of my work without having to submit one by one? It's all here, if you want a looksee. Looking forward to contributing to a community that has given much, much to me in the last two decades.
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