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  1. Heck lol Scrap all previous versions I am now on my 4th and final remake. If I do another one will someone slap me.
  2. Got a nice tweet from the original composer today - doesn’t happen very often but it’s definitely a nice feeling. I did my track at 128bpm and he said it was like NTSC speed... What bpm would PAL speed be?
  3. I’ve done another slightly different mix if you want to add it as a bonus track... unless it allows me to do it. Just not sure because what I like might not be what other people like. Would be interested in feedback.
  4. Submitted entry!... not sure of the final result but only time will tell
  5. Read the rules lol.... so I can do the other source only then... cool
  6. Oh no, I cannot merge two midi files. Can anyone merge the two source files to one midi with multiple tracks? If not I might have to sit this one out.
  7. Had a go and submitted an entry. Never played the game or heard the tune before... ouch! you say. Sorry but I can like a tune and make it my own style. Gone for a cinema piano mix to start with added drums using a new feature in Korg Gadget. Is this cheating I’m not sure but never mastered the creating of beats so far. Don’t forget the synths... The result feels like a practice track for me so welcome lots of comments hope you enjoy it. good luck.
  8. It’s all new to me so not sure what to expect. If anyone can show me around the forum on how to submit remixes that would be great.
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