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  1. Oh yes, that would be a good project for the future! I will work on that when I compose these kind of tracks more
  2. A new finished track! I was thinking about some Studio Ghibli movies while composing this.
  3. Oh yeah, it could be that too! Thanks for the feedback
  4. I made a relaxing forest track :).
  5. Okay, thanks for feedback! Actually now I also wonder about that finger snap thing :D. Maybe it's a bit 50/50, it either feels nice or doesn't, depending on mood.
  6. Here is my new music track "Alone". :)
  7. Hello! I recently published new track "Pyramid". It has this Egypt kind of vibe or something like that.
  8. Hello. I just published my new music track "Free Fall" :). Guitar stuff. Check it out here:
  9. Yo! I just uploaded new music track "Jungle". Check it out if it resonates:
  10. Hi! I published my new original music track "Neptune". It's very chill music with synthesizer, piano and orchestral elements. Check it out on YouTube: Feedback is welcome!
  11. Here is my new composition called "Dream". It's very chill instrumental electronic music. I'm not sure where the inspiration comes, maybe some anime movie
  12. Hello! I released new original track called "Party Bell". It's electronic dance music featuring instruments such as piano, synth, saxophone and strings. Feedback is very welcome!
  13. Here is my new action music composition inspired by Touhou and Sword Art Online series. I thought about many battle scenes and here is the result: What are your thoughts on this? Feedback is welcome!
  14. Hello! I published new original castle theme inspired by Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story game. It's mainly orchestral music spiced with little bit of synth. Feedback is very welcome!
  15. Thanks for the feedback, Gario. The visualizer was created with software called Plane9. It's a standalone software that plays different kind of visuals when you play audio files from other software, like VLC player for example. The way I use the visuals from Plane9 is by capturing the session with OBS Studio and then doing the edits in Vegas Movie Studio. You can get quite creative with simple patterns if you know basic principles in video editing :). Here is link to their website: https://www.plane9.com/ Feel free to ask if something comes up in mind!
  16. Yo guys! Here is my latest composition called "Astronomia". It's space music inspired by DKC series. Has some synthwave vibes. Any feedback is welcome!
  17. Hi there! I composed new original music track called "Flight of Destiny". It's inspired by many indie shoot 'em up games, like Touhou. Features synth, orchestral and guitar elements. Any feedback is very welcome!
  18. Hello people! I composed new music that was inspired by Donkey Kong Country soundtrack. It's a factory theme featuring synth and orchestral sounds. What do you think about it? Any feedback is welcome!
  19. Hi :)! I published new music. It's an orchestral track with tribal elements inspired by Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack.
  20. Hello! I composed underwater video game music inspired by Chrono Trigger OST and many other titles. What do you think about it? Does it bring some other games in your mind :)?
  21. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I had a little bit confusing moments with that swing thing on drums, but then decided to keep it that way :D.
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