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  1. Locke's theme has always been one of my favorite tracks from FFVI. I used to let my SNES just kinda sit during the Locke + Moogles fight just so I could have the song loop over and over. So I really wanted to like this. But it just seems to go so far away from what I liked from the theme. I liked the swelling uptempo grandeur of the original, the snares and horns providing one hell of a heroic atmosphere, which this remix skews from completely. If I had gone in anticipating an experimental Japanese-style synth mix, I'd probably have understood and accepted it differently. But outside of a bri
  2. Eino: I kinda get what you're talking about, although I find it backwards. I feel like the guy is singing baritone when the poppy melody is hoping for a tenor.
  3. As the intro began to this one, I had to recheck the playlist and make sure it wasn't set to random, because I had sworn it jumped to the Star Wars soundtrack. The intro sounds very close to a swelling of french horns in the Obi Wan Kenobi Death/Tie Fighter track. Then, of course, it leads into a complex and absolutely stunning variation on Terra's theme. I enjoyed the Distant Worlds performance I heard in Chicago back in 2010 or so, but this absolutely tops it. I love where the song goes around 1:20 to 2:00, and the softness around 2:30. This mix crafts together Terra's power and emotional
  4. Meant to post before at songs I loved (especially Suikoden), but never have I felt obligated to overcome my laziness until I heard the break at about 1'28" in this song. Absolutely amazing. What strikes me is how similar it is to a portion of a song in Wing Commander: Privateer, a DOS space flight sim from about '94 with some very excellent ambient music. I'm not crazy about nuances in backbeats and whatnot, although your head-bobbing percussion certainly doesn't detract from the song. However, I just keep sending the slider to 1'28" and listening from that section on with a wide nostalg
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