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    Terra Genesis utilizes the style and influence of classic 16 bit video game soundtracks to create anthemic rave jams crafted for dungeon crawls and dance halls alike.
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    Billy Barnes

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Serum, Korg M1, Splice, Roland Cloud
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm

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  1. Hell yes! I’m probably gonna pick up the RYM2612 because based on the sound examples and what you made with it it is worth the price and will help me achieve some of those sought after genesis tones that my current synths and plugins can only kind of get. I can get some nice Genesis esque tones from my Volca FM but it is very limited in its capability being that its bascially a toy and has limited midi I/O options. Thanks for sharing all the info and if you do make a tutorial on this subject make sure to tag me in it so I can find it easily cuz I’d totally watch it. Che
  2. Also, are these done with the Genesis/megadrive sound chip? Been wanting to get the tools to do that for a minute so I can play sounds from the actual console for my live sets.
  3. Yooooo that shit is dope. I can tell you and I will be friends here. https://soundcloud.com/terragenesis32x you can find some of my tracks here. Mostly remixes with a couple of originals that will be on my album I’m finishing right now. cheers buddy!
  4. Hello, my name is Billy, my artist name is Terra Genesis and I am a producer/composer/performer trying to put my modern day spin in 16 bit era video game music(specifically Sega Genesis but I do have a lot of PS1 era influence strewn about since I love RPGs). Glad to be a part of this community now and I just submitted my first remix to OC today(fingers crossed it gets accepted). What is everyone’s favorite JRPG of all time? Mine is a tie between FF9 and Chrono Trigger. Cheers!
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