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    Music (any kind of metal music overall, but all kind is welcome, as music in itself is what I love), videogames,

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    Sytrus, Sakura, Harmless, Morphine, Sawer. Harmor, default etc.
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    Acoustic Guitar
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  1. HI guys. This is a song I made a few ago and it's one of my favorite creations. I didn't have a style in mind for it when composing, so it's hard to describe it. You can check out my other songs from my Newgrounds profile since each one of them have a different style, but this one is which I was interested in sharing. What do you think about it? https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/992173
  2. Hi everyone!, My name is my username, but I have decided to call myself G3 as a musician. I recently opened a YouTube channel where I mostly upload covers (arrangements I call them, but the point is not to change the original material too much) of video game music, mainly focusing on those from the early 2000s and earlier, although my plan is to test myself to improve constantly according to the experience I acquire, so wherever there is music from a video game that attracts me, I will be there. I've always been a bit of a fan of the unconventional, so my chosen tracks will prob
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