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  1. I listened to this song anew while walking to work this morning and really paid attention to the lyrics. These lyrics really feel like a metaphor for anything you endeavor to do in your life, and a reminder that failures are not the ends of life, and that you can start over again. Lose all your continues in one game? Start another game. Come back to this one from the beginning at a later date; maybe it will go better. Same goes for other aspects of life. Lose your job? There are other jobs. Maybe you'll have a chance to do this one again; maybe you'll find a better one. Life did not end with it. Think about this and listen to this song again sometime.
  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeee I've been a fan of Uematsu ever since Calbrena's chamber on Final Fantasy 4 back when I really thought it was Final Fantasy 2. Please enter me in the contest! PS: ignore the signature at the bottom. Haven't been on this forum for years...this contest brought me back in.
  3. ¿Qué locura es esta? Escuchaba al OC Ormgas cuando esta canción empezó. Me parecía bueno por unos minutos pero no podía entender bien las palabras. Miré al título, escuchaba un poquito más y pensé que sonaba como el español. Por eso, la descargué y busqué las palabras. Pues en oirla la segunda vez mirando las líricas me fijé de que las palabras no hace ningún sentido, parte por ser gramáticamente folladas, parte por ser una mezcla arbitraria de tres idiomas, y parte por tener pronunciación horrible. La canción habría sido mejor sin líricas o con un canto en vez de ellas.
  4. Well...I'd have to say that tracks 8 and 9 were just plain BAD. Especially 8. Yeah, it was funny, but it was way too far. Though I don't think your voice is as bad as Protoman does. I might even go so far as to say it's (*gasp*) good. I like Pirate Prelude. We need more ragtime-esque remixes. I just love ragtime. *hums the Entertainer* Holy crap...for a moment, I thought it skipped slightly (weird since I'm not playing it from a CD)...but it actually went to the next track. Yeah, it would have been a far better idea to put stuff together on one file if it goes straight together like that. The rest are good...nothing extraordinary, but good. But Godiva in the Desert doesn't come anywhere near Israfel's other mixes.
  5. Between the first and second times I've played through Dark Cloud, I heard this remix. In the second time through, I found myself highly disappointed with the Shipwreck music because it was not this piece. Damn you, and very good job.
  6. Wee! I love it. Makes me wish I had played Jet Set Radio, though I did play Jet Set Radio Future. I do now hope that you do some mixes (*cough*Concept of Love*cough*) from that, too. To quote the mix: I don't understand what's going on! Though I like it that way, and I think that's what you wanted. Love it.
  7. Wow I love this, but there are 2 things I hate about it. The title is incredibly deceitful. While this is absolutely fabulous, I expected a remix of the song from Tororia. The other thing is that the lyrics linked to from the remix page aren't entirely accurate. It's hard to follow along... Anyway, you have a great voice and I hope you do more like this (maybe even from Final Fantasy 5, too)!
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