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  1. Heh. I didn't even get an email - my girlfriend did and I nearly wet myself. Immediately started pulling it down. Been listening to it, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. My biggest issue has been that 4-09, the One-Winged Angel track didn't download correctly. Neither the .wav nor the .mp3 file will play for me - I'm wondering if this is an isolated incident, or what. I'll grab another version of the song, but I figured I'd throw it out there in case I'm not the only one. Well done, guys.
  2. Well, shit. I guess this is what I get for not reading the site in two months. I mean, I'm only down the friggin' street from djp's house, why should I show up?
  3. This is quite addicitively refreshing. It's a rather stark departure from what I've grown to expect in a Castlevania remix (dark, brooding, MYSTEEEEERIOUS) and it works quite well. My mind has already started trying to compose stepcharts to it, because my mind is wont to do highly absurd things such as this, but that's as much a testament to NoppZ's work as anything else, probably because I almost never play DDR anymore, and instead try to figure out what songs would be totally bitchin' in Guitar Hero. I digress, because I have lost my original topic. When the recognizeable melody came in at 2:07, my ears cheered. It was quite the sound to hear, because they don't even have mouths. Either way, this was groovy, delicious, and beat-a-riffic. Two thumbs up, and a bag of popcorn for the remixer.
  4. And the years before that, it fell closer to Halloween than New Years', or so I've been told. Everybody is stealing my thunder. And my girlfriend.
  5. Especially when it comes to newer judges who people may or may not have heard of - I know that the "Who the hell is BGC?" VGDJ show was probably one of my favorites, because I got to meet someone I'd never heard of before, got to hear his ideas and his experience, and as such, can really understand why he was chosen. Not to say that I don't think the other judges are appropriate, but if all I had to go off of was what the Judges have submitted, I'd still be scratching my head wondering what Larry was doing on the judges' panel. (Toyota Disco ftw? Maybe not.)
  6. There should be, but I didn't get it. I know there was a camera or...twelve pointed his way, but I don't know who owned them or how to contact them.
  7. WHAT. I want no part in these shenanegans! I DEMAND A RECOUNT.
  8. Why do I look drunk or stoned in EVERY picture here? >_< Also, richter doesn't have the one where I'm about to lay his ass out for trying to steal my girl. D:< "richter's special friend (w/benefits)"... I still need to kill you for that.
  9. MAGfest was most exciting - I'm glad it was close, though I'll probably be going next year, no matter where it is - good times, good times. D-Lux and the "Free Hugs" sign were most exciting. I'll have pictures later.
  10. Part of the harshness can probably be explained away by constant attacks on remixers and their remixes by people who weren't intending to provoke thought, but were merely looking to be an anonymous little shit and flex their e-penis. After a while, most criticism, constructive or not, tends to raise the defensive hackles and the unwitting step into the bear trap. I'd have to say that a lot of times, I completely agree with where you're coming from - certain mixes I really, really prefer done in the theme of the game, having heard other attempts at the theme. But then there are times I hear a variation that is such a stark departure from the theme I can't help but appreciate it...Reuben Kee's "Ryu for Four Pianos" is one of these - a somewhat delicate, moving rendition of a fighting theme? It's odd, and somewhat far out there, but it works really, really well. I've found that it helps if I approach every mix as if it were just another piece of music - it may be a familiar tune, but it's also a unique composition. There are a lot of remixes that I'd rate among my favorites, not because of what source tune they're from, but because they're really, really well done. I prefer zircon's "Calamitous Judgement" over Spekkosaurus' "The Trial In Concert" because I like the way it sounds better - and I was really never a fan of the source material much, to be honest. It was obnoxious because I always got locked up when I heard it So yes. Rambling on and reaching the same conclusion as other people! Victory.
  11. Most likely, as referenced in an earlier post that I have been unable to locate, they aren't being deleted, but moved to a private forum where they can be referenced. I don't know why, but I'm sure the mods have a reason for it.
  12. This song is smooth - hits me just right at about 3:30 AM. It's got a great flow to it - from pixietricks to shonensamurai to D-Lux and then with Taucer's guitar solo...and then the groove in the background which most likely came from zircon...it is smooth. It mellows you out, and makes you think there might be something good left in the world... Maybe I'm just crazy. But I am a big fan of this. I've listened to it several times, trying to find some reason not to like it, and I'm drawing a blank. It's a pleasant disappointment.
  13. Yeah - Corran's Escape Route mix and DrumUltimA's Moon Rhapsody mix both made it onto OCR. Both are pretty good, actually.
  14. Interesting - probably just an issue with Azureus, then. Sorry for throwing this in the wrong place. >_< My bad, moderator-types.
  15. I was being sarcastic. If it's not working by tommorrow night, I'll go download them myself. I downloaded the latest version of Azureus...two days ago? Yeah. Thursday. I'm just wondering if it's just me or if it's an issue with the .torrent file - was trying to see if anyone else was having problems.
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