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  1. I can only promise an outer monologue. Actually Zelda 2 is towards the end of the event, so I assume I'll be a crazed lunatic by that point. You never know, it might even be better than that shitty song that happened 10 years ago??? Also, this thing is 12 hours away! Holy cow!
  2. Hey everybody. Long time no post. Some of you might remember me as some guy. So I'm running a charity event starting tomorrow, Friday June 1st at 11 am Eastern time. We'll be playing NES games for 100 hours and streaming the whole shebang. Taking donations during the event for the MS Society. It'd be rad if some of you want to check it out. http://nesathon.blogspot.ca/
  3. Skrypnyk why didn't you tell me you were having a party! Also I cannot come, I'm in Ottawa this weekend. So this post is pretty pointless. ^____^'
  4. There are new whats now? e: OH SNAP FELICIA
  5. I got stinkingly drunk on Sunday. It's probably a coincidence.
  6. How can you be off of the topic of general discussion?
  7. I'm not new, but I am back in full effect after a super hiatus. So it's like I'm new. Prepare to listen to half done remixes by the laziest mixer of all time. If I get that motivated.
  8. Still remains one of my all time faves. Too too good to have anything bad to say.
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