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  1. This is one of those songs that can just pop up on your playlist and you don't have any problems with listening to it the whole way through, all the time, everytime, any time. Provided, of course, you HAVE time. Hope to hear more from you in the future!
  2. Actually, I would assign this mix to sounding more like Aaron Copeland instead of John Williams (Williams has probably gotten a lot of inspiration from Copeland anyway). I mean EXACTLY like Aaron Copeland. He loved making the orchestra do tripilets and the xylophone stuff, while big brassy melody plays on. It's perfect! For those that don't know he wrote the famous song they use in those "Beef: It's what's for dinner" commercials. Anyway, great all around. Since I'm a big Copeland fan, I'm not complaining in the slightest!!
  3. That's a cool pic, but it's only a 3-Dimensional depiction. You must remember that the lengths of every side of every cube-like object in a tesseract ARE THE SAME! Yes, it doesn't look that way, but that's because we aren't able to see what it looks like because we can only think in three dimensions. You have to imagine the rest.
  4. I was thinking about this a little while driving today and I know you said quit posting suggestions, but how about something along the lines of, "Melodies of the Past, Present, and Future"? Maybe as a subtitle? I dunno...it's your call.
  5. dunno if it's already been said, but i'm not scanning through 26 pages... A Tesseract is an object that can only exist in 4-dimensional space. We draw it in 2-dimensional space by showing a cube with a cube inside of it (which just distorts our perception of a tesseract), but all the sides are connected to the outer cube. You can even make a tesseract in 3-dimensional space, but it's still not what it really looks like, what a tesseract REALLY looks like is impossible to make in 3-dimensional space, because the tesseract only exists in the FOURTH dimension...*cue Outer Limits music* The fouth dimension is aka "time" is related to Chrono Trigger, however, the word "chronicles" denotes a log of the passing of time. So, you're basically saying, "The Times of Time." That's pretty freakin' redundant if you ask me. And redundancy is BAD.
  6. it took about 10 seconds before this song became a permanent part of my collection. That's about three-four minutes less than usual. Great job.
  7. After taking piano lessons for 11 years, I think I can say a few things about this piece, though I'll try not to be overly critical. Over the years I've tinkered around with game music themes but never really sat down and did my own arrangement. Anyway, I've done Zelda 3's ending in my own spare time and I must say that this arrangement is very relaxing and done very emotionally and passionately. However, the only thing I have to say against this piece is that you really didn't stray far from the path. Not that this is a really bad thing, since the original score is excellent in itself, it's just that when you are free to do an arrangement, you have complete freedom and a neverending amount of possibilities. I feel that the player kind of stayed around the center of the keyboard and didn't really go too high or to low. The piece could use a lot of bassy keys, and a little bit more variety in the left hand, instead of the arpeggios and mostly mid-to-high ground that it covers overall. It is still thoroughly enjoyable, and will remain a permanent part of my mp3 collection. This is the best Zelda song Koji Kondo ever wrote and it makes me wonder why he's never gone back to it after all these years...you have done it justice, it just wouldn't hurt to expand your horizons a little bit.
  8. I guess you just have to have a good taste for "smooth jazz" to really appreciate this stuff. This band, and the 1-up mushrooms have a smiliar style, in that they both sound like elevator music. This happens any time you have a sax as a lead, and a keyboardist, bass guitar and drums as backup. Guess I'd like it better if I was in the mood...you say "beatnik poetry cafe," I say "elevator music."
  9. like it says, the song is a "totally 80's" throwback, so that's what you get. It sounds pretty similar to the original tune, but it's still funky. Not Rayza's best work, but funky nonetheless. (Your Shinobi 3 mix will always have a place in my heart) Radical, dude!
  10. Well the reviews on this song are very mixed. So I'll break it down into a few quick sentences. You need to like two very distinct styles to enjoy this piece. 1.) mellow, melancholy, and dramatic piano and 2.) hard kick ass, in-your-face techno/trance. I happen to like both, and this dude pulled it off very well. The piece has a very distinct A-B-A structure, but I think it works well with it. I can blast this song every time it comes up on my playlist and I never tire of it. The climax of the song is around 4:18, and god, it is just wonderful. I hope that gives anyone who reads this a better view of the piece. Also, if you like this one, I would wholeheartedly recommend Breath of Fire's "Sad Melody" by FFMusicDJ.
  11. Without a doubt, the most incredibly inspiring arrangement I've ever heard of the Terra theme. The only thing that tops this is the REAL ORCHESTRAL VERSION that can be heard on the official arrangement album, Grand Finale. And I think that's saying quite a bit, don't you? You shouldn't even be reading this. GET IT NOW!
  12. I'm commenting on this mix because it is without a doubt incredibly engrossing and epic. E.V.O. is not only one of my favorite all-time SNES games, but I believe it is one of the most innovative games to date. So many people have looked over EVO for their own purposes, but those who actually sat down and played through it, like Mr. Pretzel has stated, loved it. So please waste no more time and download this remix, even if you haven't played the game. The samples are majestic, realistic, relaxing, and by God, if you don't like this you either A.) don't like classical music or B.) are just too unintelligent/immature to appreciate it. I wish Pretzel would have given it a "highly reccommended" rating, but you can't ask for everything...Oh and Russel, if you are reading this, you have a new dedicated fan of your art.
  13. After reading "grey ninja"'s post above, I had to also make a contribution. Y'see I've been attending this forum for about a year now and never have I ever posted. This is the song that got me to do it. I feel the piece is one of the most eloquent, majestic, and beautiful remixes I've ever heard on the site. It's right up there with Terra in Black, IMO. I cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for Wingless for writing this piece. If you have the smallest tidbit of an emotional soul in your body, you will download this piece. I am a pianist myself and listening to this brought tears to my eyes. (Then again, so did hearing Zelda orchestrated for the first time) Sit back, relax, and download this wonderful remix.
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