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  1. Wooody/mc, I love your stuff, mainly because it's a double-whammy for me on the nostalgia front. The LoZ series was an awesome part of my childhood, and so was listening to classical solo organ music on my grandpa's whole-house sound-system. I feel like I'm 10 years old chilling in his sitting room again when I hear your mixes :-)
  2. After recently listening to the entire catalog, this one actually rose to the top as one of my favorites on the strength of the arrangement alone. I would LOVE to hear a live performance version of this!
  3. I love peaceful, chill music, and this track is one of my favorites after having recently re-listened to the entire OCR catalog. My only complaint about it is that I want it to be longer
  4. I love the mysterious vibe - this is easily my favorite track from one of my favorite games growing up, and this mix definitely does justice to the source material.
  5. Did anyone else notice how the warping sound effect in the outro even included the same audio lag that occurs in the original game due to there being too much motion on the screen for the Game Boy to handle? That definitely hit the nostalgia and attention-to-detail marks for me
  6. This mix is a tour de force, and is probably my new #1 favorite. (I'm a long-time remix listener, first-time commenter. I was several years behind and have been working my way through the entire catalog and just came across this one.) EDIT: I have now listened to the entire catalog, and can confirm that this is my new personal favorite of all time. The quality of the mix and the homage paid to the spirit and sense of humor of the Katamari series just coudln't be better!
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