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  1. Hello everyone, Here to share my latest album 'Synaesthesia' which is an 11-track mainly-high-energy instrumental album bouncing between house, garage, techno, electronic, lo-fi hip-hop and more. Despite being fifteen albums in at this point, I still very much consider myself an amateur producer, doing so only as a hobby! Always open to feedback and followers as I cannot stand marketing myself, always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable! Thanks, everyone!
  2. 'First Steps' is one of my favourite VGM pieces of all time from a stunning game, so already felt hugely invested in this! You've been very faithful to that descending piano arp which sets the scene really well, and I think the use of strings and windy ambience compliment everything really nicely. Stylistically, I absolutely can't fault it, and I love the little individual touches you've made to make it your own arrangement. Some of the chord patterns are incorrect which is a little jarring, and I feel both the piano chords and the plucky lead synth could use a little more reverb/echo to enable them to blend into the overall piece - I'd probably have chosen a less punchy lead synth even if not something identical to the original, but I think you're really on to something here!
  3. For a long time I've been a follower of the YT channel and been amazed with some of the creativity that's gone into your productions. For an even longer time I've been doing covers of VGM tracks that haven't provided a huge amount of variance from the originals, and so I've never quite felt comfortable putting my arrangements forward for submission. However, this weekend I've taken the plunge and tried to be a bit more creative and work on a bit of a re-imagining of one of the first covers I ever did - Mystic Cave from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I've tried to take it in something more of a creepy, glitchy, big beat style, and would love to know what you all think as I'm going through the submission process! Thank you and hope to be active on here way more in the future!
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