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  1. Possibly the best Jazz I have ever and will ever here! Awsome remix of a song I never thought could sound so good.
  2. Thanks I've been waiting for people of OC Remix to make a remix of one of my fav fighters, Lieutinet William F. Guile. And its great! Good job on this one; it's now one of my favs.
  3. Love what you did with mai's sprite design coop
  4. Its awsome, Ive heard many remixes on the website, and they were all made of some of my favorite songs, this being one of them. But this one is the best, I listen to this one over and over, I give it 5 stars.
  5. This is a great remix, Yuri has one of my fav themes of the art of fighting and art of fighting 2. It's fast beat and makes you want to jump and get in a fighting pose ready to punch a guys face in or somthen'. But I have a request. I dont know if anybodys here (mainly you) has played the first one but I have, and the best theme i've heard from both ones was the theme of Mr.Big from the first Art Of Fighting! His stage is like in a factory so they add this banging on pipes type music, could someone pleeeeaaaase(also hopefully you, Malcos) make a remix of Mr.Big's Stage from the first Art Of Fighting game!?(his theme from the second one is stupid ) It would be awsome.
  6. I love this remix, because I love MegamanX stage music. They have some of the best video game music I think, and have always loved video game music. The eagle cry was a great touch and the guitar kicked friggin' butt, especially at the end where the song was about to end, excellent job. Now, I have a request. Do you think you could make a remix of either Boomer Kungwanger or Spark Mandril's stages pleeeeeeeeeeeease!? Those two are my favorite stage themes It would be so awsome. Well thanks annyways if you dont, your music still rules.
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