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  1. It's called ethics. (If you're referring to emulation or wads.) Yes yes, ticking off the lurker enough to yell at someone, whatever... Also, I just checked and the VC version does support 3 players.
  2. I double checked on wiki and it said "Its name is a portmanteau of onyx, a semi-precious gemstone, and oni, which is a type of demon or magical beast."
  3. I love almost everyhting about this song, except for that distorted paino. The techniques used are nice, and the piece is generally pleasing, but the distorted paino grates on my ears a bit. It's still a good mix though.
  4. Wow, great remix. I love the way it jumps from a simple loading sequence to an all out bang at 1:15, and when it changes from this upbeat tune to the softer second half, it lets you cool down for a bit. Like all of his work, The Wingless has yet to dissapoint.
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