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  1. I am not very sure if Gray was a "vision"/"ghost"/or whatever you say. It was a good friend, although we lost contact 2 or 3 years ago. He choose to stay away for his personal reasons ( don't ask me, I don't know the reasons ) and we have to respect that..Not to create "Area 51" stories.. But sure..I will miss his remixes..
  2. It's difficult for me, due to my work time, to change the orchestration and start the production from the start. I will try to work on the lead instrument thought. Thanx for your time
  3. As I said before, I am not using a soundfont or a sample piano. I am using the "Diffrence" patch from S80 Yamaha synth. I will record again the piano channel with a diffrent lead instrument. As for the energy, I think that White's themes, didn't have any energy..That's the reason why the call it Soul music Hehe..I mean "all the forum"
  4. Thank you for your replies guys. And your time to listen to the remix. Let's start now: 1) The wah in the background is fusion wah piano, not wah el.guitar. 2) The original theme is only 25-26 metres. I wanted to make a new style remix. Not electronica, no classical, no techno. I borrowed a Barry White style ( soul ) 3) I am a piano player, so I recorded the piano ( I didn't use midi channel ). For the owners of S80, I used the Diffrence Patch. 4) I am fan of the "asymmetric" production. I don't like the classic style "fill the frequency at both channels". However I spend a lot of time mixing this remix, and I don't find something wrong with the balance between right and left channel ( and so the panning ). 5) The part that makes the diffrence is the solo. And the solo is not the theme of the remix As I have said, the main theme is only 25-26 metres long.. Problems that I have noticed: 1) The piano sounds a bit "I am not in the remix". I am thinking of changing the piano to a more analog lead instrument. That means, more hours on the Kawai.. 2) Sax needs more realistic breath control. That's the easy part ( I think ). Again, thank you for your replies. I hope to have more free time to spend in the OCR. Hoboka..It's nice to meet you again ( 4 years? Oh my God..I am starting Botox )
  5. Well, it's has been a long time since my last post in this forum, and I have to say that a lot of changes took place in here. New remixers and new remixes, a new style forum, torrents, CDs..I feel like Homo Erectus I found some time in this summer, and I have prepaired a small remix. I am not very familiar with the new rules about tags, so I post as it is at the WIP part of the forum. My English suck, so be patient with me. My remix is based on the theme "Memories" from the SNES's game "Illusions Of Gaia" Here is the remix: It's a soft ballad kind remix. I have used S80 Yamaha and K5000s Kawai for the synth sounds. The only VSTi I have used are Addictive drums and Trilogy ( for the bass ). As for the electric guitar part, I have used my faithful Washburn ( rock yeah ) ( it's good to be back )
  6. Just...I can't write right now a review...I don't think that this piece need a review...I am not going to write...
  7. Wow....I can't find words to describe that I am listening right now!!! My only problem is that I would like a more "open EQ" voice..I don't know what mic you used and what was the production routing, but it is little "bass"...WOW again!
  8. It is very interesting that Gray looks for new sounds and production routes. I have to admit that this theme is too "difficult" for a new age listener, but from the other hand is very progressive for the new age genre...Sometimes the fans of an artist, as Gray, cannot see the try that he does to be free of the new age style and follow a new way..It is something that will help anyone to mature and find his sound, and Gray is too young and too talented to find so soon his "sound". I like this remix for the unique sound it has. Not for the harmony, but for the imagination that Gray has on the orchestra, and the way that he uses the instruments and the percussions..Believe me, is not so easy to create a free style of music.. ( sorry for my bad english ) I am waiting for the next remix and ofcourse I want sometime to take a taste of your originals Gray
  9. Hm...let me see...what expression is most suitable for this remix?? WOW Ok..Gray..You rule..You rock..I like the end..New elements, and new inspiration..I am looking forward to hear the next remix on OC
  10. I know that this an old remix in the remix reviews list, but I am happy to be back and see that Gray has another great remix on the site...I think that this is the third time that I am hearing this remix...Great job Gray..as always...
  11. I was very lucky to hear a small wip from Gray, for this remix...He didn't want to hear the whole remix anyone..He wanted to make a suprise..And, oh God, he made a great one!!!I can't find the words to say that this remix is his best..Gray..I am jealous..you are the best remixer in this site....
  12. Thanx a lot of guys for your reviews... I am very happy to see especially the remix of Morrowind at OC, because I had worked a lot on this theme..and I realy enjoyed.. To be honest ( all the judjes told it, and I agree with them ), I didn't do anything special..I have heard the original theme from midi, and I just followed the main melody!!It is epic by itself..The only thing that I have changed, was the tempo..the original theme is at 3/4, and I have changed to 4/4 to add the irish mood... Also I agree that tha drums are weak , especially when the toms come..I will try to use Groove Agent VST to see the result..If it is better than this one, I will suggest to "replace" the remix... Ah..2 weeks after I finished the remix, i had played the original game..I didn't like so much the game, but when I heard the music, I said "Oh shit..this is the same with the remix.. "..
  13. As always a well arranged and orchestrated remix by Gray.I have noticed that this remix is more classic, than new age..It is a new Gray era??Who knows..The only thing that is for sure, is that we can hardly find a better new age remixer in this site..
  14. I would like to say that we don't have to forget Digital Coma who added the tablas parts!The sound of this ethnic percussive adds a more "india" mood to the remix.Thank you very much DC
  15. An experimental work by Gray..again a proffesional work with new age and dance elements..Gray you rock the house..!!!
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