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  1. Very nice, especially for the first remix of the MM Zero series. Emotional yet relaxing, and I love the brief energetic part around 2:50. What frustrated me was that this is one of those tunes that you should be able to completely lose yourself in if you close your eyes, but it seems like most of the times the tune really seems to be building to something, it suddenly goes all quiet again. Still, while it could have used some improvements here and there, it was quite enjoyable in the end. Thumbs up.
  2. Definitely a nice mix, and probably my favourite variation on the underground theme. A very bass-biased piece which had me bopping my head... The only things I find bothersome about it are the super-echoey female audio clips, and a fairly abrupt ending. 8.7/10.
  3. This would be near the very top of my favourites list, except I think it gets repetitive. Definitely a good choice of instruments, and a decent job splicing in small segments that weren't from the original tune. But it's the constant loud beat on the drum in the background that drove me insane. I still recommend the remix -- just be warned that it's not something you can put on loop for hours on end. 8/10.
  4. BEST. REMIX. EVER. And the bounciest, most energetic tune in my OCR library. A complete overhaul of the level 1 and underground themes from the game, using very spiced up techno instruments. I've listened to it a hundred times and it never gets old! I didn't like the underground segment quite as much as the level 1 segment, but it helps keep it from sounding repetitive. Eleventeen thumbs up for this one!
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