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  1. Perfectly done Latin feel, /beautiful/ solos, very amusing Music of My Groin reference. Live music is my favorite stuff on the site and you won me over with this one, gentlemen. Although no one could reasonably fault the playing or writing, I would have like to hear a little more robust sound on the secondary instruments, to match the vibrancy of the saxes. Other than that, fabulous work!
  2. I've had it up to here with unoriginal CT mixes, so I was a little tentative downloading this, but those opening notes were sure a pleasant surprise! And - surprise! - I liked the rest of it, too. I really like that you didn't bring in an obvious direct port of the game melody until later, at the climax of the piece. Good effect. Very American-orchestral style, especially on percussion use.
  3. I personally love these mixes that depart from the original. When I download something that's almost a direct transcription with a few barely noticeable changes - yawn. This, I like. Real nice job, djp.
  4. Nooooo! Damn you, I wanted it! *pouts* HOLY CRAP! This rocks my fro off! You might say, "ah, you don't have a fro." You'd be right. 'Cause this song just rocked it off! Considering it's 2:20 AM right now and I just got home from work, I zconfidently say that this is the best idea I've heard all day! Konami + 80's hair band = *drooooool...* Everything is flawlessly executed, I love it. It all works perfectly, sound quality is good. It's not just good guitars, either, the drumset is phenomenal too. And the synth, helicopter, siren and howl at the beginning fit the genre like a glove. But guitar rock this IS. Mad props to goat on this one. MAD PROPS, I say!!
  5. Ha! I was JUST listening to a certain other mix by the same author... ...and in that light, I was wondering "wow, is this just the same I was just listening to?" It has the same sax riffs, the same thirds, even the same ambient, harmonic open fifth at the beginning. I'm a big fan of el DarkeSword-o, but this is lacking in originality.
  6. 10/10 - perfection - I couldn't add a thing to it. The arrangement is superb. *drools*
  7. I didn't mind the brass at the beginning; there's a beautifully done spot right at 0:50. The strings later on bummed me out, though, especially since they're so heavily leaned-upon in the arrangement... But the arrangement kicks my ass all over the place. The mixer's cinematic background is quite obvious. The way it climaxes and dies away at 3:45, I can just see the title of whatever it's previewing coming up on the screen with release dates. But ask me if it's overly cheesy or in any way bad or unpleasurable to listen to... and I'll say "whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?" All in all, this is a very tight, professional piece of work that gets top marks with me.
  8. Loved that trolling bassoon at the beginning. Loved it. Not "spectacular" but I was definitely grooving to it. I like what Malcos said in the judges' discussion: "If we are wine judges, then I just got drunk."
  9. 5/5, 10/10, 100/100. Much ass was indeed kicked in the production of this song! If I tried to order an industrial-size can of Whup-Ass right now, I bet the warehouse would be out of stock. ...I don't know what to say; this is quintessential "good." If I burn a CD of OCR mixes to take on a road trip with me, sometimes my friends raise an eyebrow if they see it sitting around afterwards, or, more likely, if I leave it playing in the car. If I ever made a "hah, take /that/ bitch, /this/ is a remix of /video game/ music too!" CD, this would probably be track #1.
  10. As I listen to stuff, I realize that this os one of my favorite mixes on the site. I can't figure out what it is about it.
  11. 5/5! Hells yeah! This inspired me to fire up ZSNES and race through the Knight Class once for old time's sake. Since it wasn't composed as much as performed, I'll have to keep my comments to a certain subset of the usual... I like the way the style moves from one to the next. That reminds me a lot of a certain solo piano track on the Cowboy Bebop live soundtrack that I like. Very well executed... mmm...
  12. Tight. Tight like... I can't think of an analogy suitable for describint it. This game actually frustrated me to no end when I was a kid, but I too give this one top-notch ratings.
  13. I like it! The quality is definitely there. One of the best signs of development in a piece for me is if, when it loops around, I forget how the beginning sounded. The beginning is by no means /bad/, but after each new change is made, your brain sort of forgets that it was ever /not/ that way. Like you can't remember how it could sound good /except/ as what you're hearing. It's a compliment, I swear. The voice samples are extremely well-done; I enjoyed them greatly.
  14. Definitely not "spectacular," but, in the words of the Teen Girl Squad, "sooo good!" Mellow music has an entirely different set of criteria for "good" sometimes, but this meets it. Mmm... I can't think of a thing wrong with this! I just woke up from a full night's sleep and I'll be damned if this doesn't make me want to just get back in bed. Hell, the only criticism I could think of is, "remix more things!"
  15. I was going backwards and just listened to Ubik and Zyko's Asterix mix, so the beginning of this sounded pretty bland by comparison. But this is not a dull piece. No, sir! It's great. I LOVE the piratey feel... it was captured perfectly. YARRRR! (edit) GOD I love the rhythms. 10/10 just on the rhythms alone! Whoo.
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