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  1. I would imagine most 7th graders wouldn't get the humor behind SeaLab 2021 (And yeah, you're free to say 'what humor?'), and I doubt they'd get the humor in this song, beyond "Huh huh, he said groin, huh huh." Fart and dick jokes barely make me chuckle, but self-aware silliness makes me laugh. Big difference here.
  2. Shael, please correct me if I'm wrong when I say this, but... This remix is not serious. It's self-aware, silly, and random. It's not designed to make sense. It's an episode of SeaLab 2021. If you don't like the show you're not gonna like this remix. Quality's not good, the lyrics are stupid and sophmoric, but you gotta understand, THAT'S THE POINT! It's silly to the point of laughing, and I think he did a great job making me laugh. While an argument about 'letting poor-quailty remixes onto the site' might hold bearing, I don't think even the webmaster thinks this website is that serious, and wouldn't, and didn't, mind something silly and stupid and random like this. I personally think it's comedic genius, easily misunderstandable, but genius no less.
  3. McVaffe does a very good thing here, which was to take out any semblance of blandness in the mix. While the bass is constant, the beat is funky as all hell and easy to get into. He MUST be a professional drummer. On top of that, he does a medley with a smooth transition, and the drums sound really really good. It's a high quality remix with a lot put into it, both work-wise and listening wise. 5/5
  4. I do not like the trumpets at the beginning. Personal preference. That said.... HOLY GOD THIS REMIX IS F-IN' AMAZING! I listened to this remix for about 3 hours straight when I first downloaded it. It's very chill, very smooth, very very very very high quality, and pretty as all hell. The bass fits, and the melody is wonderfully changed up, and the double-time is perfectly timed and fits seamlessly, SEAMLESSLY in with the rest of the mix. Whoever you are Disco Dan, may you be blessed with all the good things in life for blessing us with this remix.
  5. Dj pretzel does one thing consistently with his ReMixes that I consistently enjoy. They're always full. While minimalist, 2-3 instrument/sample pieces work and are good, his are always complex, lovely, robust, and flowing. This is a GREAT ReMix of a good song, possibly, no, definitely ranking among the best on the site. For the sake of honesty, there IS one thing that kinda bugged me. There's a sample towards the beginning, every four beats, that kinda sounds like "cheow" and is bent and wobbled a lot. It added a small.. silliness to the piece for me. But overall, this was an incredible remix, between the bassline and that wonderful, wonderful piano that I would have in a million years never thought I'd dig as much as I did. 5/5 points.
  6. All right. I've listened to this remix a lot and I think I've finally got a solid opinion. The guitar rocks, hands down no questions asked. Ailsean has proven over and over again he's an incredible guitar artist, and the touch of a REAL guitar perhaps makes this song as highly acclaimed as it is. However, I think that's the problem. The real guitar sounds great, but it's backed up with a lot of very obviously synthesized sounds. This is what really turns me off in the remix, the way the great sounding guitar grates right up against the bleeps and clicks and the synth trumpet. The drums sound real 80's to me as well, which isn't my bag, though someone else might like it. Overall, the guitar work was great and refreshing, and adds a powerful tone to the remix. However, the synth and the almost overdone quality with the strings and drums and trumpets really detracts from it and leaves the rest of the mix, outside of the guitar, feeling kind of impotent. A good remix, but not my favorite on the site.
  7. A very good remix, and a great joy to listen to. No lipservice to the owner here, I promise, I don't do ReMixes myself. I'm a big fan of having complexity, and depth to a piece, the subtle sounds you put in there just because you can. Gives it a higher quality, and you have all that. A very good adaptation of a song I've really never heard. Heh.
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