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  1. deleted. The only unmod that exists anymore ends in .org.
  2. I got fancy new underwear and wanted to show it off, but my thread got deleted. I may try again once things cool down a bit here. Oh, and I totally want to sex you up like the fancy new forum design (that being with nothing offensive).
  3. Those were the best days. I'm glad others acknowledge this.
  4. Hooray! I'm not the only one playing these. I've had to restart Pool of Radiance at least twice now, but I think I'm almost done with it this time! I can win it! And I lluuurrrrrvvvee D-Fend and DOSBox. I like the easy one-click launch icons D-Fend will make for you.
  5. That psycho robot from Hell in Dynamite Headdy (level 7?). He's probably the most awesome boss ever, too.
  6. Crap or not, techno or not, trance or not, this mix makes me happy, and I'm content to listen to it with that. Thanks to both you for putting this together!
  7. This mix makes me happy. I remember picking up Sadorf's old WIP of this track, and I am really surprised to see that it could be improved this much. Excellent job to the both of yous!
  8. Cheers to you nice sigmakers here! I have a request to make for a Super Monkey Ball sig, and I'll throw a few suggestions around to help guide you if you would want them to or not if you don't. -As a focus, I'd like Ai Ai inside his monkey ball, perhaps on a course. -The sig should look friendly and cute, as the game. -"patella femoral syndrome" is somewhat long. "pfs" is fine, and it doesn't take up much space. -Ai Ai does not need to look too fancy. If I had skills, I'd just draw him in paint. (Ai Ai has the "A" on his shirt.)
  9. Just reading back a few pages, I'm really starting to doubt the integrity and skill of modern day gamers.
  10. me too. But I'm biased on issues and would wind up taking sides and not being fair.
  11. Who else are mods (You, GrayLightning, djp, Xelebes, Joe Redifer(?); Are there more)? I can't tell anymore 'cause nobody has those "Moderator" name tags below the post-count rank anymore.
  12. It's an excellent mix, and it does feel somewhat new-age-y, but it is a very excellent piece (Sarah Brightman-ish in a good way). This is what I would most like to listen to while licking a vanilla ice cream cone and sitting in some mineral hot springs at night. And On A Crystal Star should definitely be listenend to whether you like this mix or not!!
  13. I've been dying to get a good JSR mix, and it finally has come. It does have a tendency to feel not like a remix, but I more accredit that to how perfectly blended everything is. It's something that (assuming I didn't own the soundtrack) I would expect to find by Hideki Naganuma himself.