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  1. WOW, I love reading these comments 15 years later!!! Perspective from 2018 to 2003: The acoustic guitar I used in this was a very cheap B.C. Rich acoustic guitar from the mid 90s that couldn't keep tune, had a weak neck and had .10 electric guitars strings on. It wasn't mine and at the time I had never played acoustic guitar! I mostly played Testament / Megadeth / Metallica / Tesla on electrics. That guitar sucked, intonation was super bad, anything above the 5th fret was sharp, so most of you got it right The reverb was dreadful, I think I used whatever Cakewalk had at the time and as Kaijin and Dale said, I sucked (still do?) at reverbs I suck at arranging, or at least, endings, fade outs suck and I agree! Surprisingly, the rhythm guitar part was cut in five parts while I did the entire melody/solo part in two takes. The whole idea while doing this song was playing it like it would've been played in an old 60s last slow in a club. (Glad so many of you caught that feeling!) I had no intentions of making this super tight or perfect. There is not one pitch bend in this whole song! There are portamento(i?), and TONS of them!!! - I slide from one note to the other with so much vibrato that even Alex Skolnick (My hero) would cringe! The midi part was not copy / pasted, those strings are so easy and rewarding to play. This guitar was mic'ed with an SM58 with ball off about 1.5ft away. (Cheapo 57) The SM58 was ran from a preamp that I built myself running off about 8 components on a 9v battery No fx processing, lol. I remade this song in 2012 but never bothered posting it anywhere. Ahhh, I miss those simple times!
  2. Thanks for all the comments http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=4422990780094911140 Video of myself playing that mix
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