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  1. I always give songs a chance, even if they give me that "bitter beer" face when it first plays. I hate it when people call others close-minded or simpletons because they can't "broaden their horizons" to accept something they just don't like. The instrumental version of this song may be decent, while not incredibly groundbreaking. Still, it's a catchy ska/polka style spin on the game tune. The vocals, however good the vocalist is, totally ruined the track for me. It reminded me a lot of how Japanese bands put vocals over video game tracks... just seems misplaced, unless they originally contained the lyrics. Now, had the lyrics been funny, as sort of a spoof song, it would've been mildly entertaining. But you just can't make fun of Ninja Gaiden. I think the only other instance where you can get away with alien vocals is if you can't really interpret the language of the lyrics (say, Latin chorus addition to One Winged Angel). That way it's an addition to the work, something that supports and refines the original piece, not vocal graffiti sprayed over top of the music, completely drowning out most of what was originally there for most of the listening experience. Instrumental... enh. With vocals, pppppbbbbbttttt. However, I think any original tunes your band has might be interesting to listen to.
  2. Well, I'll play devil's advocate... Sagat's original music was pretty flat... nothing very notable about it. A remix of a song like that, while an improvement, is still the same song. I kinda skipped around the track a bit and stored it away in my SF2 collection, probably to just take up space.
  3. Ok, I'll really be different then and say I didn't like the mix at all. I'm glad there are people who enjoy it, as I know you must have put a lot of work into it. But StarFox tunes were really thin and weak on the game, and I don't think this mix did anything to improve that. Keep mixing though!
  4. Wow... I really hated this game, but I really love this mix! I want to know what kind of drum you're using for such a hard bass kick... it really drives the beat and keeps the song moving. Funkalicious!
  5. I have this problem where I start up Fruity Loops, but no song is remixed. I have a song in mind, but it does not appear in the workarea when I start up the program. This bothers me. Seriously though... I have fooled around with Fruity Loops for a few days now, but still have no clue what to do as far as getting just the sequence from the song I want to mix. I have played along with the song in the keyboard display in the Plugin Properties for a channel I added with crappy FL synths, but I want to get the sequence saved, using better soundfonts preferrably. I need direction!
  6. *shakes fist* You included the song I wanted to mix! It is the one that is also on the versus stage (Stage 4 music). heh.. Overall, this mix is novel, but I agree with Ryan that the transitions don't develop (but rather just kind of happen and that's it), and the ending is really awkward. Feels almost like a jazzercised version of the original music, which is not all that bad, except that it's been a while since I've actually played DD, so I felt more like I wanted the song to build up to something instead of listening intently for each stage's music. But, this is a vegetable soup of DD mixing, and it is still a decent listen.
  7. I have to say that I have been downloading mixes from this site off and on for about a year now, and I just cannot stop listening to this one. The ambient feel to the soft strings contrasted with the hard piano... it is good enough to stand on its own without the breakbeat. However, that just makes it that much better. I really enjoy how the whole piece seems to almost tell a story about the game... fighting theme, followed by the infused "Get Up" theme, then back to the fight... it perfectly reflects the music and the gameplay (well, not my gameplay... I never get knocked down. ), although, in a way that makes both seem almost larger than life. A definite recommended download... I am only sorry I found this song just recently!
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just downloaded this song, and while it really kicks holes, I think the original song is from the Ninja Gaiden series, not Zelda : Ocarina of Time. Has there been some sort of mix-up, or have I completely lost it?
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