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  1. Why would you ever make such a good remix to raise the standards just sky high? Personally i believe this song just may pwn my soul. This remix is just so awesome tears fall from my eyes when i talk about it. Please do something else wailing on an Axe. i couldnt even think of suggestions right now this song is so awesome just make something hard...WAIL ON UR FREAKIN AXE AND OWN PEOPLE
  2. This song was awesome,almost could be considered god sent. Who remixes no name songs like that? Well dj Pretzel does. And he makes it sound just as good as any song from the title screen. Awesome work. Can some one do rygar right? anyone or More importantly river city ransom right. DJ PRETZEL CAN!!!
  3. Well basically i just want to send a big BOOOOOOOOOO to everyone who doesnt think this remix pwns them. Cause basically it pwns them really hard. It was a little under-par for Eres De Points, but honestly that song pwns all, so anything close to that is fargin awesome.
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