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  1. Thanks for listening to my megamixes years ago. If you're ever around, send me a reply!

  2. Does anyone know/use any freeware programs that allow for tabletop RPG gaming to happen in groups online? There are lots of people I'd like to play with that live all over the world.
  3. I got Okami, and am completely defeated by that darn brush. It takes two to five attempts per circle I try to draw (I'm about three hours into the game). I am stuck at Mr. Orange's cutscene with the drawing circles and stuff, and I have tried for hours to complete it, but drawing one circle is hard enough, drawing 4+ in a row is impossible for me. Sometimes it shines the sun instead of growing the flowers. I'm at a complete loss. Though I did figure out after awhile that I need to have the ends of the circle meet exactly or something...
  4. Congrats, SGX! While I didn't have a chance to vote during the finals, I did vote for you at the quarter-finals. Also, uh, clicking on the store link doesn't work. It just brings me to a bunch of directories.
  5. Forgot to make a post in this thread about it, but I purchased an OCR shirt. It can go right next to the OCR-tan shirt that I made last year. I've been lurking OCR's forums for years (two years before I even signed up to say anything), so thanks everybody associated with OCR for a good chunk of my life spent listening to ReMixes, lurking the boards, etc.
  6. The finals this month happens to fall on one of the busiest days of the year for me... However, if I feel the need to take a break for a bit, you can bet I'll be voting for all of you in on Ourstage! I've done some voting in the quarter-finals and such, about 100 votes all told, divided between the categories. So congrats on making it to the finals!
  7. The other day, I was thinking, "I need to get me some more Binster," so a quick google brought me to your page, where I quickly downloaded this album and loved it. Good stuff! I still really love Closed-eyed Astronomy.
  8. Got my physical album in the mail- absolutely stunning! I can tell you put a lot of work into the presentation of it! The sticker, postcard, handwritten note.... Certainly the best CD purchase I've made! (Together with Helen Trevillion's recent album, which was also great) And that's to say nothing of the music. Each of the songs are beautiful, you have such a great voice, Jill! You've come a long way since first posting Prayer in the WIP forums ^_~ I'm going to be listening to this album nonstop for awhile.. Congrats on the release of such an awesome album!
  9. Well, I'd just like to say that I've downloaded all of the stuff from your site and have been listening to it these past few days and it's awesome stuff. I'm looking forward to hearing more in the future!
  10. I managed about 550 votes... hope it was helpful! *crosses fingers* Edit: Whoooo, congrats Jill! Also, great job to zircon and sgx. You all did great!
  11. I've voted for all of you on there, my name is Ducky Pirate. I'm cheering all three of you on, and I wish you best of luck for the duration of the contest. Go team OCR!
  12. I support both the Gimp and PSP. I've used both in my time (before finally getting a copy of photoshop), and they work fine. Especially if you're just starting out with this stuff, they have all the features that you'll need. GIMP is a little bit more complicated for newbies, but overcoming the learning curve for graphics programs in general makes up a lot of it, so you should be fine. Of course, at this point I've used Photoshop for enough years that going back to the other programs is hard, though I do keep PSP7 on my computer for doing quick things that don't merit photoshop's start-up time.
  13. I've had the creative zen M 30gig for about a year and a half now. Never had any problems with it.
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