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  1. Ok, I know this thread has been up for some time, but I just noticed it (I don't lurk as often as I would like.) If you are still offering mixing/advice, I'd really like to take you up on that. I heard your contribution for the Final Fantasy album, & your track rules.
  2. To be perfectly honest, I don't get much of a Bohemian Rhapsody feel from this, aside from stellar vocal harmonies....oop wait, 5:03. I sit corrected. Heavy influence there. Even still, what I really DO get from this is a song that is more akin to something that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would compose. And believe me, that's a VERY good thing. Killer orchestral arrangements, soaring vocals that weave quite the intense picture, and guitar riffs that compliment the entirety of the piece without stealing the show. The solo at 7:49 felt exactly right, as well. And damn, do I love that fading note bend at the end of the solo. Hats off man. This is a FANTASTIC piece you've crafted.
  3. So I think I found the drum samples that I am going to use. Just have to find time to prune through the files & grab the ones I want.
  4. lol well metal has all sorts of styles in guitar mixing. I've heard plenty of bands abuse the hard left/hard right ideaology (seen at :33), & I've heard bands make great use of letting each guitar "bleed" into the other side of the spectrum, without being dominant (seen here at the beginning of the song).So, it's interchangable. That said, I'll see about letting the guitars bleed into each other soon enough.
  5. Hey man, this is a neat take on the source. Not generally a fan of drum/dubstep, but this has good a lot of good stuff going on here. I don't really have anything to critique, other than the very first instrument you introducce is very...piercing. The high end frequencies really dig into your ears at decent volumes. ...actually, giving it a second listen, a lot of the track is very heavy in the high end frequencies. Not sure if that is the style of dubstep or not (I've heard all of a half of song, so I'm no expert ). But, to a casual listener, the hi end here can make it rather difficult to listen to for too long. Aside from that, this is really good stuff.
  6. Another update. [updated song2] Things to note: - Parametric EQ tweaked on left side guitars - Rearranged the bass tracks in the mix so they are not just sitting directly under the guitars, & added a smidge more Bass to the tone. - Removed the reverb from the drum track, brought down a few of the higher frequencies (now you won't get your ears hurt listening at high volumes),& fixed a few out of place crash cynbal hits. Raised the volume of the crash cymbals & toms so they stand out just a bit more in the mix. - Mids brought down slightly out of the master mixed-down track. With everything gettin' EQ'ed, this already sounds a lot better than what I initially started off with.
  7. Just a quick update. Still searching various places for better samples, but I had the itch to re-program the drums, 'lest I get lazy. But I'm hoping that a little Fruityloops trickery will make the samples I have not seem so bad. [updated song] Some things to mention: - Drums completely reprogrammed. - Trimmed the intro a smidge, making the transition from clean section to alarm blaring seem a little more natural. - EQ'd the master track to give just a "hair" more cut in the higher frequencies. - Removed some bass frequencies on the bass guitar track, in hopes that doing so will make it that much more audible. - Added new drum patterns at 5:13, in hopes that it will make that section a little more interesting.
  8. Wow, this is one enjoyable mix. - Evil polka? Heh, sounds like it. I can easily imagine large vocal harmonies ala-Weird Al Yankovic over this track. But as it is, it is quite good! - The inclusion of the circus theme in spots put a grin on my face. Genious. - The break in the middle was a nice inclusion, especially with the beach/seagull samples. Gave the impression that the whole outdoor carnival is...twisted. Especially with the madness that starts up at 1:26. - At only 2:47 though, it feels as if it ends very abruptly. Are there plans to extend the song, or is it designed to be this short? Either way, very strong stuff. Please continue working on it.
  9. that was fast lol I kinda figured that the drum samples would be an issue, but I decided to try anyway. The last few times that I've downloaded some samples to work with, either: a) they came in a pack, & didn't really have anything I was looking for they were recorded live, but didn't really give me THE sound I was looking for c) they wouldn't open in my drum program's library. I guess I'll have to keep trying to find some better samples then. EDIT: Forgot to ask. When you say that 5:00 on was empty since it cut so fast...do you mean that those few sections were too short, or they just came in rather suddenly? Or, conversly, do you mean to tell me that they feel empty because of what litte leads are there? I want to make this as enjoyable as possible, & if something was too short, or something needs more notes, I'l see what I can do about extending something, or adding something in.
  10. Hey guys. I have a Blaster Master mix up for critique in the WIP board. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in throwing down some solos for a specific section in the song. You can either have the whole spot to show off your skills, or use that section for a back-n-forth solo attack with someone, ala Iron Maiden or Megadeth. Cheers, folks.
  11. Hey folks. Long time lurker here. Like most of you, I'm a huge fan of the music from Blaster Master. However, I've personally not seen these songs attempted to be remixed by anyone (be it here, YouTube, soundcloud, etc). To me, they are very strong riffs, despite being considerably short. So I'm taking a crack at a full blown remix of these songs. I've been hacking away at this arrangement for a few weeks now, and have come up with some ideas that I think work to keep the whole song interesting throughout its 7 minute timeframe. I'm still not sure how I pulled 7 minutes out of this. Must be the other killer tracks I've snuck in. Here is the remix: Blaster Master - "Radioactive Decay" (rough cut) And all of the source tracks: (more of an inspiration, really) (last lead line)There you go. A smorgasbord of music all mashed up for you. Just a heads up, I'm well aware of the cymbal crashes being way too loud at 7:00 forward. Unfortunately, my drum program (Fruity Loops Pro 2.0 DEMO) crashed as I was getting ready to check the levels with all of my recorded guitars. So, currently there is no way to correct that. BUT! I will at some point force myself to recreate these drums, & it will be fixed. However, if there is anything else that I should look into, I will gladly get right on it. Oh also, I left 4:08 - 4:54 intentionally sparse, so that I may a) hack some leads into that spot myself, or try recruit any of the mighty guitar gods here to throw some leads on here. I'll make a thread in the appropriate forum.
  12. Maybe find a way to mix the sequal's theme song in there too?
  13. I just requested to be that person's "friend". I'll call his bluff when my request is accepted "Dude, thanks for uploading Game Over's 'Cataclysmic Clash'. I've always liked that song, and the rest of the music from their Nintendo Metal CD. I'm not sure what other compilations you got the rest of the songs from, but I bet they're good, too." They probably won't get the sarcasm, but that's ok. I want to see how many of his loyal "followers" will attack me, saying "fuck you, I was there when he wrote it!" And I bet there are at least a few who will.
  14. Fucking. YES. Awsome playing, awsome song, awsome mix. Kick ass leads, & I personally enjoyed the thrashy part you included Very nice! \m/
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