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  1. lol I've been waiting for a remix of this song... I hope it's good !!
  2. ok i underrated it earlier, i've listened to this more times and i must say this song rocks your socks!! it is definently the best or at least one of the best megaman remixes... I've hard this song stuck in my head but its OK cuz it's so awesome 10/10 niceness ya its one of the best on the site !!
  3. wow this remix is so unique... I mean almost all the Wily remixes so far have been very fast techno like the song and then there was that Wily's Wedding which was really slow and this is in the middle it is cool!! And the quality is top notch I like it :O
  4. i didn't like it because of the lack of creativity... which sux cuz i like magnet man's song :/ that guitar is nice though... as djpretzel said, it sounds more Hawaiian than Western please make more mixes Disco Dan!! But also be creative plz
  5. wow, i just listened to this 3 times in a row, excellent mix, everything about it is great, keep up the awesome mixes Rayza, i loved ur sonic ones too
  6. this guy made BigShellWestBristol? @@ this song should've been more like Mog's theme... silly, weird, fun
  7. the piano was nice but the song was too uncreative and repetitive... I know the base song, and it could have been a lot better... also, it was an interesting idea to use the scratchy 8-bit sounds but it didn't work too well
  8. if curiosity killed the cat, then that trumpety-sound killed the song @@
  9. I didn't like the first part because it lacked the emotion it needed, but the second part was gold... of course, I like techno more than "sad songs" (for lack of a better word) so maybe it's just me... but the 2nd part was really nice
  10. ok, ok, constructive criticism... as others have pointed out, the intro is too repetitve and gets boring since it's so long... should have been maybe 30 seconds or less rather than a full minute the song was too quiet, too unsensational... usually just a mellow tune with minor hints at a Flash Man theme in the background... the remixer needed to bring the theme into the front... it felt like most of the song was building up the real part (much like how in the original flash man theme it builds up in the beginning) however this real part never came... the only times when the theme were really shown, it was just too dull and didn't have the beat or sounds to make it stand out basically, it was like a 6-minute intro that never was OK there's your constructive criticism, I didn't even make one reference to homosexuality btw this is the 6th or so Flashman peice, with all the others being vastly better, so if you want a Flashman remix I suggest you check the others out, especially Flashfire and Wily Haunts Flashman
  11. "#1 being the classic Minibosses Castlevania cover." uhhhh... SIMON'S TOWN ANYONE Simon's Town >>>>>>> MiniMayhem Mini's still a nice remix but Simon's Town is easily the king of Castlevania
  12. Heh this is one of my faves not mine tho as for the song, I didn't like it cuz it was like elevator music... which was intended
  13. hehe i listened to it again a few times... now I'm starting to like it... but I think it's just cause the guitar pwns so much... the first time i heard it I was comparing it to SafetyInNumbers so I was disappointed, but I realize that when u look at them separately this one's pretty good... still I don't think it'd be nearly as good without the excellent guitar, but it's enough to make it a good song... fortunately the remixer was smart enough to keep it short
  14. I know everyone's thinking it so just go ahead and say it: This mix is worthless because SafetyInNumbers is of the same peice and is a hundred times better. Even if this song were to be good, every time you heard it you would compare it to SafetyInNumbers, and be disappointed. SafetyInNumbers is a great remix, and this does not nearly live up to a comparison.
  15. very nice song, one of the best on the site... I'm surprised I like it but I do
  16. orchestrated would've been the way to go with this... or dance... or industrial... or something... i just dont think synthesized was the way to take this... plus the theme sux so there ya go... and don't forget that our friend CREATIVITY is missing... wh00ps
  17. the theme is pretty lousy so forming the whole remix around it wasn't a smart move... pretty much no creativity where even a little bit in this short piece would have helped
  18. the drums kick in just at the right time, as does the flute... a well timed song... its good that he kept it short, as opposed to Ghetto Lee Lewis who did the same theme but almost 6 minutes long... nice, concentrated, I like it
  19. i didn't like it... it felt way too stretched out... 6 minutes.. i would have liked more creativity and more variations... plus it just didn't have much energy
  20. very nice, i was surprised at how good it was, excellent sound samples
  21. I would have prefered something more original... the zeal theme has been done many times and it will take more than a "distorted piano" to make this one stand out
  22. your are good!! your make me play taht game beacause you music!! vary good i like one of first oc song i hear vary good your are good at music
  23. woops, yup i meant to post it for 8-bit eighties... i love underworld rock... i probably posted it here on accident because i was thinking how awesome a song UnderworldRock is when 8-bit eighties suxxors
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