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  1. At first I thought this sounded really nice with the well-played acoustic part and the simple backing, but quickly lost interest. This seems to me like one of those songs that got posted simply because it sounded live/professional, whatever. Some notes seem to be out of tune, just enough to torture my ear for a split second, enough to sound like the player made a mistake. Maybe that was an artistic decision to bend the note, maybe it truly was a mistake. It just seems like some (not many) notes are out of tune, too many for a recorded performance. That, and there really is no melodic or harmonic interpretation of the original ideas at hand. A few drum fills SOMEWHAT break the monotony, but it isn't enough to to break the vibe of a simple guitar melody reverbed to hell and placed over a cookie cutter band backing. It's a pleasant song to listen to, just nothing special or interesting to really set it apart from the original in any way but sound quality.
  2. Press the "e" key to go into selection mode on the piano roll. There, you can select large groups of notes, press ctrl+c then ctrl+v to copy and paste. Once a group is selected, you must use the pencil or hand tool to move the groups around. Snap is something you just need to work with, the 1/2's and 1/4's of beats just give you the opportunity to pen out 16ths and 32nds. Couldn't get much easier, eh?
  3. Good God. I usually never have the energy to review songs. Jesus man, finally, more real metal. The drums are pretty simplistic, but fit the style perfectly. Great use of ride cymbal bell in the middle portions, gives it a great late 80's groove. The mixdown is great, the different instruments all complement each other greatly, and guitars scream cleanly into each other. As a drummer, It's my nature to think I'm a better than anyone else. That's how we are. I would have made the drums a bit crazier, but I think in this context, they played an integral role in creating a cohesive work. Please, please keep making more metal. -SM
  4. All i've got to say is Jared, great work AGAIN, and don't listen to dumbass hippocrites like this who think they are big time industry professionals. REALITY CHECK KAIJIN Wake up buddy! Come on! Wake up! I personally don't care about your discography, as most people don't. Jared does excellent work for his setup, and I am very impressed that he can run circles around you in musical quality even though you seem to consider yourself elite.
  5. Pretty decently put together, my only gripe is that the Orchestral parts sound nothing like a real orchestra, both in sound quality and arrangement. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the mix would have been far stronger had the emphasis been on the techno part, as the techno elements are dead-on. Space Pirate w/ Laser Sword gives it an "ARRRR...RG?" Approximately equivalent to a 6.5.
  6. You have GOT to contact Michael Jackson about doing vocals to this. I can see the dance number now.....
  7. This song embodies the well-done VG ReMix. Production grade quality, and excellent engineering.
  8. Ari, I was just listening to this mix and thought I'd comment on here before you got on AIM. This song proves that music theory isn't necessary to kick ass and take names in the music business. You are the shit. Keep on keepin' on my hard-rockin' amigo.
  9. Ari, you know what I think of this already. But for everyone else.... FUCKING GREAT Except for your lack of music theory Just kidding, fucker. ASU ROCKS!
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