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  1. i think this is prety messed up, and im going to get to the bottom of it
  2. i just mess messed up all my mp3s on overclocked remix using bittorent, all my mp3s are mashed to geather, and stuff like snes melody battle oc remix begins with the origonal song but then it switches to soomething more peacefull like chronotrigger music wtf, thats pretty fucked up, i was trying to share files, and someone fucked me over with putty crappy files on it ill post a link to a mp3 im gonna upload to show your staff what kind of a problem this is, ill prolly get screen shots too
  3. Dj P. said you know it man, and you know what? Theres alot of secret of evermore fans out there too, that are S.O.M fans, or factioned with them. Now, why I do not see very many S.O.E. songs, I do not know, but I hope there will be some more at the very least... In my opionion you guys or/and girls did a very good job, possibly the best S.O.M. remix that touched me.
  4. pretty good, not my type, i dont suggest it
  5. i do love this game, although i do not suggest it, i waited long and hard for a good remix of this game... still nothing
  6. sweet intro...sweet climax... sweet ending THANKYOU DJ COMET!!!!!!!
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