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  1. Wait a minute... Beatdrop, who has a hand in creating the site, DIDN'T add the voice? Why not just resubmit it without the voice, then? You have the original file AND Judge status! It should be entirely possible to spare the virtues of so many innocent virgin eardrums! Who did fling monkey poop all over the end of the track, anyway?
  2. Excellent remix! The wasp noises have got to be the best use of a sound effect I've ever heard on this site. They blend with in with the overdriven guitar, then come back to haunt you during the lull in the middle of the song. Sure beats the hell out of any fluttering bats at the begining of a castlevania mix or ambient thunderstorm effects. My only concern is, Beatdrop, did you have to rape my ear like that at the end with BanzaiBuddy? Oh well, I have Goldwave, so I forgive you. DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!
  3. Woah! And after listening to Her Azure Eyes, this song gently let me back down again. If Her Azure Eyes was the 60's, this has gotta be some kinda early 90's made-for-TV rebuttal or something. Not bad, you took it in an unexpected direction and totally pulled it off. Great guitar work, BTW! Mixxers who actually play an insturment are automatically twice as cool! Incidently, what's with that chick on the left in your sig image? It looks like she's got a bit of a mustache, and her facial features are kinda hazy and indistinct. Did you superimpose your face over hers or something? And, if so, are you transgendered or something? And, if so, you should hang out in the forum over at www.unicornjelly.com . There's lots of really friendly, cool, inteligent, and very silly people over there who will more than likely not make fun of you. Um, yeah. Once again, great song dude. Or, you know, lady. Whatever you're comfortable with.
  4. Woah... sweet! And I don't necessarily mean that in the colloquial sense. I loved this song, man. This is going into my playlist folder to provide an occasional sugary pick-me-up along with Pioneer and Welcome to the Metalic Party. Oh yeah, DarkeSword, the 60's called. They want their elven glen back. Just kidding. The want their moments of optomistic innocence back. Hehe, okay, okay, nobody called. I'm just teasing because I like this song so much.
  5. Ohhh yeah! This is the shiz-huh-ziz-nah-kuh-hitz. Did I add enough extra sylables to the word "shit" to adequately convey how impressed I am with this mix? No? Add a gah-hiz in there somewhere. I like music that I could actually picture playing the original game to. Well, really this one made me think of Sonic Adventure, but that's still good enough. Gotta love the sets of "DAA DAA DA!" just before the song loops! That's some good sonic!
  6. Yeah, if you're reading this, Malcos, I just wanna say you did a great job. This is more or less exactly what I hoped it would be like when somebody finally got around to maxing a Gunstar Heroes track. You didn't make up your own notes for half the song. You didn't mix in any movie quotes or make Banzi Buddy spell out your e-mail address. You didn't distort the hell out of everything, which can sometimes be pretty cool but usually just ends up being distracting. You just told it to us more or less the same way the Genesis's meager sound hardware told you, embeleshing it a little as you went. THANK YOU!!! I probably would have picked a different track, because I always thought this was one of the weakest tunes from Gunstar, but you've done wonders with it, man. Please, please, PLEASE do more in the future! I'd love to see what you could do with the music from the jungle stage or the airship stage... As for you guys up there who haven't played the game yet, unless your comp is incompatible with the current build of GENS, you have no excuse for not playing it. Look, if you're into video game music in the first place, you've probably played some version of Contra, right? Okay, picture contra, same guns, same basic controls, except you have a couple mellee attacks for use if you're surrounded by guys at point-blank range. Oh, and you have a life meter. The reason you need that life meter is because of the enemies you'll be facing. You know how in the first level of that SNES Contra game, you'd be walking through the first level, and an alien soldier would run along the ground towards you and occasionally fire a shot? In gunstar, eight of those guys would jump you at once. And as soon as you kill one, he explodes in a cloud of fire and a new one appears at the edge of the screen to take his place. And forget about just moving back and forth along the ground and releasing a bullet that travels in a straight line towards you. These guys swarm onto the scene and all but flank you. First guy on the scene stops and pulls out a blaster, while his buddies run, jump, and slide at you. If there's ledges in the background you can jump on, one or two of them will hop up there to come at you from above, and if you climb onto the scaffolding, they all follow you. Meanwhile, that guy with the blaster out is taking shots at you. Fortunately, the beam travels slowly cuz you've got a lot to keep track of. You blew up two of the soldiers like so much high-yeild explosive tissue paper, but one of them grabs you from behind, and his buddies close in and start kicking you. You mash the buttons to escape... and discover you can throw them like in a fighting game. More soldiers appear, and also a couple helicopter robot thingies. One of the soldiers pauses near the edge of the screen and actually recieves orders from the communicator on his wrist. And if you're playing on a hard enough difficulty level, right about now, someone lobs a grenade, sending you and a few of his buddies flying in all directions. But, see, this is only the first five seconds of gameplay! The game goes on like this for almost half an hour assuming no deaths, punctuated by insane bosses, the occasional jumping puzzle, and even one shooter level. .......... Um, anyway, great song, Malcos. Sorry. I love this game.
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