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  1. Meh, some of the simplest games in terms of controls and abilities can also be quite complicated and in-depth, and consequently, a great deal of fun. My favorite games are still old Nintendo puzzlers like The Adventures of Lolo and Fire and Ice. But I do understand the feeling of games losing their lustre, so to speak. I have a ton of new games in my queue to play, but I just haven't had the motivation (or sadly, the time, to devote to playing them). The last game I really got into was Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, and it was a damn simple game, and somewhat entertaining, but meh. I am, however, looking forward to having the free time to complete Okami, Bombastic, and Final Fantasy XII. ;O
  2. Post your penis, and I'll photoshop it for you. COME ON. DO IT. ... HAVE YOU POSTED IT YET?
  3. Gah, you sound like me. Well, kind of. I plan on majoring in engineering when I get to college, though it will most likely be chemical engineering. I haven't played In the Groove yet though, since there aren't any machines within reasonable driving distance, but I play DDR far too much. EDIT: Welcome, blah blah, etc.
  4. Hey Erin, if you misspelled your username or something, you can go back and change it, assuming the name hasn't been taken already. Just go to your profile, and alter it accordingly.
  5. Like Little Johnny Urine. Watch out for him. Can't spell even if his life was on the line. I say we nuke him, and get it over with. Also, don't bother making a comment about LJU's typing if you do go to Unmod. It's all been said before. Yes, it looks as if he is drunk when he types, yes, his sigs are vulgar, no, he is not stupid. Anyways, it should be noted, that sarcasm is used a lot in UnMod. Get good at recognizing it, not that it's very difficult to do so, but every now and then, someone will become deeply offended at another's sarcastic remarks, and making a big deal out of it just marks you as an easy target. Oh, and welcome nooblets.
  6. If your music is as good as your grammar, then you're bound to have a mix up on this site in no time. All joking aside, welcome to the forums and enjoy your etc.
  7. Welcome to all the new people. Most of you seem like you'll fit in fine, so go and have some fun in the forums. Oh, and Artemis, you may want to stay away from UnMod for a while, lest your innocent mind be destroyed.
  8. LOL THAT WAS PRETTY KEWL SMASHA WELCUM (LOL!) TO THE FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!! i liek to type like this b/c it is fstr to abrviate. Erm... anyways, welcome to all the newbies that have recently said hi! Be sure to visit good old UnMod. Have fun, listen to music, and all that jazz.
  9. I just noticed that they finally stickied this thread. Well, welcome nooblets. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to suckle at the teets of my vast knowledge. Actually, you'd be better off asking someone else for help. Oh, and don't forget to stop by Unmod, after you lurk there a bit. It can be a fun place, assuming you use aren't a complete retard.
  10. I lost a few IQ points reading that. Please help me find them. As did I. My advice to conserve the remaining ones you have left, is to stay out of gen disc and go visit unmod, though instead of losing IQ points, they'll be replaced with... well, you'll see for yourself.
  11. Wow, KitchenLand is someone who types with capitalizations and punctuation. For that, I applaud you. And welcome to the forums.
  12. I look forward to it. Hopefully, you'll become an active and contributing member to the forums too, but in any case, welcome.
  13. Welcome to the site! Oh, and be sure to visit unmoderated. Oh, and neminem, don't be afraid. CLICK IT.
  14. Well this is a nice thread I think. However, I think that many newbies don't even come to this section of the forum, unless they have technical problems or something. I know that the first time I came here was not long before I had 1000 posts. I think most newbs go directly into Gendisc or Unmod once they sign up there accounts. Anyways, I'll just throw my two cents in about Unmod. It really isn't a bad place as long as you think before you post. Learn to recognize and deal with sarcasm and realize that, regardless of what someone says, the posters will rarely make personal attacks against you. Come in with a normal sense of humor... and leave with a warped sense of humor.
  15. I rarely comment on the songs here, but this one just grabbed me from the moment I heard it. I've got to say, the strings in this song were some of the best I've heard in a long time, and the sequencing of the song is so well planned, which is more difficult to do in collaborations in my opinion. As for the vocals, Aurora did a great job with them, regardless of whether her equipment was poor. I believe there was one moment in the song where it was an issue for me, and even that was so miniscule that I wouldn't have noticed it, had the volume not been blasting. The piano was alo incredible in this piece. I'm definetly going to find the source pieces and give them a listen too, because they were just incredible. Great job to the remixers, this is without a doubt one of my favorite mixes on the site. And I hope Aurora lends her voice to some more songs, because I really enjoyed it.
  16. For me, the hardest boss I've fought was the last two bosses of Breath of Fire 2. They make you go through an insanely hard dungeon for like two hours and then fight an insanely hard boss, followed by more impossible dungeon, and the last boss. That took me months to finally beat.
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