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  1. The only thing about this game I would say is that the levels appear to be just a little bit shallow. In Mario 64, every stage was hooge, and had tons of exploration value. Mario Sunshine's worlds also felt large, and trek-worthy. In Galaxy though, everything feels somewhat contained. I really like the game, but I do miss having a really big area to romp through on my way to the star.
  2. I think a tribute remix project would be a good idea. A collection of remixes that are soulful and poignant dedicated to his memory. It might be something he would've appreciated...
  3. I never knew him personally, but by just listening to his music, I feel I could get a real sense of his character. In his music I hear talent, sensitivity, passion, strength, and intelligence...I can only wonder what kind of great person he is inferring from what I've heard him produce. Prayers and best wishes in your time of loss...he was a real blessing to us all.
  4. I've been listening to a lot of acoustic works lately, especially after mellowing out to PotHocket's work on the LifeStream project. There's something about a really soulful acoustic solo that just puts me in the right place and makes me feel all kinds of good things. The song Epitaph, from FFVI, would sound amazing on an acoustic guitar I think. It has that strong, warm, nostalgic vibe that would communicate really well on an acoustic guitar. It'd be neat to hear it remixed by anyone who plays acoustic, and maybe expanded upon and reworked to enhance it's already awesome vibe. So, if there's anyone out there that plays that would like to give this a shot, I thank ya. =) The chiptune for FFVI is located on the site, with the track in it.
  5. Yes, you must record/share. For my senior year in HS, our Marching Band did only FF8 pieces. It was...incredible. Our graduation theme was Liberi Fatali, and hearing "Maybe I'm a Lion" during half-time at games was almost unbelievable.
  6. Man, some of the Sigma's in the X series can be tough. I heard somewhere that Ozma from FF9 was voted in as the hardest RPG boss of all time or something, but I doubt that's true. He really wasn't that crazy difficult...I mean, if people can beat him with a level one party, then he can't be THAT monstrous.
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