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  1. Whoa, I can't believe such a good mix has so few comments. This one is just awesome. And that drum track; amazing! If anything, the end wasn't the best. But damn, the rest was downright sexy! Nice.
  2. Yeah! That awesome.. First you lay it up with this sweet, warm vibe, then, just when I think it's tiring a little, you kick it at 3 with an even faster, sexier sound! Great!
  3. Such an interesting and varied mix! I'm not really sure how to approach describing this! I wouldn't be able to play this back to myself in my head or anything. So complex... I guess.. what I think: everything about just screams Secret of Mana (if that makes any sense at all). The atmosphere, the vibe, the sounds that echo through it... I dunno, it just feels that way! Like the game, this mix is an epic voyage across exotic lands to the edges of the world! uh, yeah.
  4. Yeah, pretty good! I personally don't like rock much but the ambient elements were well implemented. The intro was great. I thought it was a bit heavy when the guitars kicked in but it tends to smooth out as it goes on. Yep. Nice.
  5. On first hearing I wasn't sure what to think. But after hearing it a few more times I'm pretty impressed. The original was pretty mellow, but this mix takes it to a whole new level. I like it -- it does what it's supposed to. The various instruments help keep the peice lively while maintaining the relaxed vibe.
  6. This was great! Loved it. Was a little worried the guitar would get repetitive after listening to it a lot of times, but I'm convinced now it won't: it seems to blend in to become more a part of the rhythm than a central figure. Personally, I don't mind the cello at the end. Yeah, it might not sound perfect but I still prefer it over nothing at all. It seems to introduce more dissonance which was prevalent in the original.
  7. This was the first mix I downloaded when I came to OCRemix which would have been back in late 2002. I heard this and was instantly hooked. The Wingless has done an amazing job. The mood, the dynamics, the enthrallment... Such masterful execution deserves the highest of praises. Beautiful!
  8. Yeah! This is awesome. Kudos to you Ailsean! Very trippy, very surreal, very "I was high when I played Final Fantasy". I'm impressed...
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