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  1. I pretty much use Great Sword for everything. It gets tricky sometimes, but usually there's a point where you can trip up your mark and get a good lvl 2 charge hit off on his head/weak point and really put the hurt on him. I've tried the other weapons, but just have too much fun with GS, I always go back.

  2. Not sure if that'll be a problem, since there are no "friend codes" per se. There are hunter ID's but its not like you're linking up Wii's or anything. I think if you can connect to the server you'll probably be fine.

    Also, Moga folk are crazy. More reason to jump online. In all fariness though, I think it is good to spend a decent portion of time on the single player game, so you can get your farms and stuff active. Then you can pump out items for online mode with no problem.

  3. Having never played a MH game before this one, I'm working my way through the single player game before I try to jump online.

    So far, I'm very impressed. Its a lot of fun figuring out the different monster's behaviors and everything. And I like the harvesting/gathering aspect. I guess it adds some variety to the whole thing. Looking forward to finishing it. Maybe I'll see some of you online later.

  4. Scout has been changed drastically. Every one of his skills has changed in some way.

    Dexterity has been changed to Disarm, which according to the description, "has a chance to disarm the opponent for x seconds" and deals bonus damage. He no longer gets an evasion bonus from dexterity either.

    Vanish now lasts as long as you have mana, and its cooldown starts when you uncloak, meaning you can never go the whole match cloaked like before.

    Marksman Shot now does some base dmg plus a % of the target's HP in magic dmg.

    And Electric Eyes can now be self-destructed remotely to inflict an AoE silence for 3 seconds on enemies caught in the blast.

    Now that I had just gotten used to his skill before, they overhaul him. We'll see how this goes..

  5. I just hope that the third one spends more time with the transformers and less time with the unnecessary human secondary characters.

    QFT. This is what has stopped both of the movies from being really good. Inane, random "humor" from secondary characters (Humping dogs? Really?!?)

    I come to the movie expecting to see big robots brawling, I got that, but I had to wade through a sea of atrocious "jokes" and goofiness to get to it.

  6. Nice Trailer. Star wars really needs more over the top action. Ever since the Clone Wars cartoon, nothing really hit that raised bar of awesomeness again.

    Hopefully the PVP will be paced well and let any class compete on a reasonably equal plane. I'd really hate to see Jedi/Sith owning everything just because they can use the force. That works for the movies and what not, but not for a game. Fortunately, I think the time frame of KOTOR lends itself to balance better because people in that era understood Jedi combat a bit more and actually developed tech that could counter Lightsabers etc.

    Here's hoping this MMO isn't another clone... (Sorry, I had to...)

    EDIT: and is it just me, or did the narrator bear a striking resemblance to Malak?

  7. I wish there was an iMax in Montana... I've only seen a movie at one once in Boise, I think. Don't even recall what movie it was.

    How many of you saw it on the big BIG screen?

    Saw it on an Imax twice. I had to do this movie justice. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie at the Imax period.

  8. I also dislike how, instead of the original series where Kirk earnt his captaincy over several years of actually being a starfleet officer, he gets his captaincy immediately after passing his academy course.

    And you know... saving the Earth, Starfleet, and likely Federation itself... that helped too I think.

  9. If you haven't seen it yet, you should rectify that flaw as soon as you can. Acting was great, it was paced very well, it was a nice length too for that matter at 2 hours and 6 mins. Great FX. Humor used tastefully throughout, serious moments were believeable, and a great plot for a reboot.

    All around an awesome film.

  10. About how often do you guys fight a Vega? I've had the game since it came out, and probably only played 1 maybe 2 Vegas tops. Now, granted, I'm not on it all the time, but it seems like he's one of the least used characters. The only other characer I see less of seems to be Seth. Just curious.

    I main Vega, but I never fight one, so I can't see how other people use him...

  11. The Kamehameha gave me another issue: Roshi uses it to transfer life energy to Goku. Effectively, he gives Goku a close-range Kamehameha to either his face or chest when he's nearly dead ... and it helps him. In any other Dragonball product, that Kamehameha would have killed Goku, not helped him. But DB:E's logic works differently I guess.

    That was kamehameha CPR. He restarted his heart by shocking his system. If you listen closely he says "The pain is good" or something like that, right after he does it.

    All in all I wasn't dissapointed like I thought I would be. Maybe I was just expecting utter crap after seeing Street Fighter, but DBE was actually pretty refreshing to watch. It was cheesy, but you know... its Dragonball, I'm not looking for Shakespeare here.

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