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  1. GREAT remix. Absolutely turns Nopp's into something listenable. There needs to be more rock-centric remixes akin to this.
  2. Fantastic!!!! You kinda wonder what's going on in the beginning, but when the actual song picks up, it all fits and makes sense. A very judicious use of Kefka as well, leading to a great sound. It truly is game over. Man.
  3. Would someone please remake this amazing song into a sound that does it JUSTICE, like rock? Or orchestral? None of this techno bullcrap.
  4. Again, a superbly done remix that would've been one of the most beautiful things I ever heard.....if there wasn't GIGANTIC THUMPING BASS blocking out the melody. 2/10 for that crap, I wanted to hear the song, not repetitive thumping drowning out the song.
  5. I didn't mind the guitar, guitar is GOOD, what pissed me off was the overemphasis on bass. It would've been a beautiful remix otherwise. BTW, I'm one of those Evermore/SoM fan hybrids.
  6. This remix was excellent, EXCEPT FOR THE FRIGGIN BASS. I basically registered so I could let this be known, there is waaaay too much emphasis on bass and fake electronic crap nowadays. Now I'll leave the electronic stuff alone, I realize it's a form of music, people like it, I should be open-minded, blah blah blah, but the bass issue remains as even supposed rockers are being sucked into this phenom. This remix would've been gold, if the "thump-thump-thump-ta-da-THUMP" bass was taken out, so we could actually hear the melody. But that's just my gripe, less bass and more orchestral/rock. Hey djpretzel, are you fat with a 'ph'?
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