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  1. I had thought of this a long while ago. In the question of what came first, wouldn't the DBZ manga have been out for a while before the actual TV series in Japan? Edit: Note: the previous post came a minute before this one.
  2. yeah um, I will NOT be making it this year. I hope you guys have lots of fun
  3. That is indeed an awesome shirt, Dunther (the Mirror Mirror single artwork I believe). My wardrobe is mostly split up between video game shirts and metal shirts. Also my hair is actually longer than it looks in the pic, it currently reaches down to my waist. And a lot of people do tell me that I look like Jesus....
  4. put me down on the tentative list. I probably won't even have a definite answer until like that week anyway, but since I live in NYC, I'll be sure to be there if nothing else comes up.
  5. I was not aware that this was being made, but when I saw the list of remixers of this piece, I knew it had to come out of the NYC meetup. Fantastic job guys. Nice pick on the original piece too (not surprising from the guy whose alias is "SonicANS" and wore a Sonic shirt at the meetup ). Hopefully remixers can use this piece as an example and come up with remixes that utilize the talents of multiple remixers.
  6. This is very nicely done. I love it (partially because you chose my favorite DKC2 track)
  7. damn... ...Protricity has done it again. It feels like a walk through hell [or more appropriately a battle to the death in Kaptain K. Rool's tower]. Truly ass kicking.
  8. wow, what a masterpiece. This is exactly the quality of DKC2 music I would expect from Protricity. I do feel that DKC2 has one of the best soundtracks of any game. Keep up the great work and thank you for yet another awesome piece.
  9. Wow, simply amazing. The strong synths give an epicness to it. The piano gives it the emotion. This one is simply awesome. Very professional.
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