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  1. It works kinda like the Halo 3 experience system, which works like MMO experience system - The people you fight who are better than you grant more experience than those who are worse. ...Hilarity or pedophilia and inter-species erotica? You decide!
  2. Being totally fair, in SC4, all you have to do is Custom Character Sophitia and take off all her armor. Bikini Sophitia = win. Of course I'm kind of biased since my personal heaven is playing naked Twister with her.
  3. Hah, yeah, that's part of what I dig about Soul Calibur, finally getting a chance to beat up the people who "totally rock at Soul Calibur" because they suck. Like, fight someone who "Beats all his friends at Halo 3 but doesn't play online" and see how well they do.
  4. Heh, I started fighting a guy without a microphone, won twice, so he changed his character to Xianghua so he could (presumably) scrub me out of the #1 spot in the server. It was pretty funny listening to him - literally - talk to nobody for the longest time, about how "I aint playin with ya dog I an't playin with ya" and "I'mma solve this problem right now, solve the problem" and other such irritating speech patterns. I have to wonder, when he shadow-boxes, does he talk to the wall like that? When he plays chess, does he talk to his opponent like that?
  5. Okay you put way more thought into this than I had realized. Do your thing man.
  6. Canadian? I'm not so sure. You can check out SmashBoards, they've got places where people share Friend Codes and tournament scheduling.
  7. I love Smash but I don't like Sakurai's design philosophy. It's patently absurd to expect that you can have half of the game designed around quick thinking and technical skill and then design another half of the game around completely banging that first half in the ass.
  8. Fortunately SF4 is 2d on a 3d graphic engine. Thank friggen Christ. Oh man what pisses me off the most about 8-Way Run is that it doesn't fucking work. Like, okay, it's supposed to counteract vertical attacks, except that not only is it too slow to do anything like you said, but half of the attacks you could even use the 8-way run on can be spammed effectively! I love Soul Calibur but around the point when it becomes abusable and ridiculous bullshit is the time I go back to Guilty Gear and Street Fighter. Not that those don't have their own sets of problems but at least there's a surefire way to block that involves holding back.
  9. See this is why I only play 2d games competitively. 3d fighters are almost infamous for being horribly broken. God willing with the current generation of consoles they'll start doing patches to fix this kind of potential bullcrap.
  10. I would...prefer if the Knight card for direct competitive games was Sigfried. But other than that, I approve greatly.
  11. I don't think it's fair to fighting games in general to basically say "The single play isn't worth it to me therefore it is not worth my purchase." However having no friends to fight with (or internet) then you'd have a horrible time playing Soul Calibur 4. You'd play the game, unlock some armor, tweak with Character Creator, and put it on the shelf forever.
  12. Baiken is a good example of all the things that there needed to be more of in Brawl. You weren't who...I wasn't...oh nevermind.
  13. See, but that game sucked. Anyway I hate Xianghua on principle. It's bad enough you have a chick who can be pretty quick when she wants to be, it's worse when you add in her ability to feint/switch in almost half of her attacks without even pausing and some of her more abusable air chains.
  14. Whenever they do that I just wait till next fight, counterpick Mitsurugi, 3A, then combo them. When you get Mits started he's tough to stop. But, yes, Apprentice is very good. He's basically Spawn ala SC2 but given extra range, speed, and a Force bar. I think that might be the main reason you aren't allowed to do Custom Star Wars characters - we'd all get sick of Apprentice style everything. EDIT: Actually in response to the OP, I think that SC4's biggest mistake is not including the bonus styles they had in SC3. I loved Wave Sword, Dagger/Bomb, and Greive Edge, if only because I could make a Drizzt, a Thief ala 8bit Theater, and a Chuck Norris I'm saddened they got removed but God willing they'll balance in the next game.
  15. I'm not sure if the Apprentice is broken or if he just has that capability for picture-perfect combos from the AI. It's a real tossup.
  16. Yeah that guy just sucks at DI.
  17. Even if you don't know how to GI you can just circumvent spamming by learning your fastest anti-spam attack. Everyone's got a few. Mitsurugi's 3A at close range is great for that.
  18. It's not pretentiousness as it is indignance at being treated condescendingly by some jerk on a forum.
  19. Yeah, I'm sure you don't know what you're talking about. OH, okay, then nevermind. I don't play IC.
  20. Not a horrible Melee match, but seriously, less Fsmash and Fair. You need to mix up your game a bit.
  21. The director of Soul Calibur for Namco has pretty much flat-out said there's no plans to do that. I'm not saying he isn't lying out his ass I'm just noting that it could go either way.
  22. You should go read Star Wars: Episode 3 the novel. Not only does it make the movie look like the giant steaming pile of filth that it is, but it also turns every character who had no personality into an interesting, flawed, unique person that had their part on the story. And plus it shows you why Obi-Wan is awesome. But yeah, I'd like to think that they'd include more characters as DLC but I'm just not seeing it yet. I'd hope that Namco does make everyone downloadable in the end, because providing Vader to 360 and Yoda to PS3 as DLC would be like, free money for them. To not do it after a half a year or so would be foolish.
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    ...Yeah, thread has been owned.
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    Jesus fuck yes Protomen. It wasn't that, it was the absurdity in spouting how great Dragonforce is when half of the stuff people attribute to Herman Li's shredding is actually just them mashing around in the studio room.
  25. To be fair the main reason stuff like Seong Mi-na poking at a distance bugs me is for the same reason that playing Smash Brawl 1v1 against Falco with his laser spam/Reflector push/Dash to run away is annoying. It's less fighting and more "HAHAHAHA YOU CAN'T HURT ME" But this is a bit different since online is pretty much "Play to win." I'm having loads of fun with SC4's character creation than I ever thought I would have. I already made a Red Mage and Fighter from 8bit Theater, as well as Magus from Chrono Trigger and tons more. It's a complete kick. Favorite Soul Calibur moment so far - taking my awesome Dante ala DMC to fight against a black guy in a suit with a giant pink afro and nunchuks.
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