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  1. Yeah, I didn't think that pretty much anyone from those days would actually still be around, much less remember what I said (except maybe Pretzel because of some shit I said to him to get a week-long ban). It was just one of those things where I was looking through my activity history and was thinking "but surely I wasn't like this for the other three pages of activity - okay two pages - okay WOW". Going through and editing in addenda to each of those comments felt like a cheap way to sneak in apologies, and I wanted to just get one big apology out there for anyone who might need to see it. I honestly don't remember a lot about the internet back then - I was just young enough that nothing about the discourse itself stuck in my head since platforms (at least in my head) seamlessly transitioned to social media, and that came with an inherent change in interactions. I do seem to remember more flame wars prior to social media, but then again, I just split the moment I see one starting anymore, so maybe it's the bubble I've created for myself. I think people here have essentially said this already, but it seems like we weren't always individually focused on building a community and interacting with each other in that context - we just thought we had a shared passion and a space to talk/argue with others about that passion. That was certainly the case for me. Saying this stuff makes me feel old, haha
  2. Okay, that's what I figured. It just kinda took me be surprised, haha. Yeah, now that you mention it, people really were just generally meaner in places like forums and chat rooms back then. Perhaps a lot of that has just moved to Twitter and Facebook these days. You too, huh? Were we pretty much all just teenagers or in our early 20s back then? Kind of incredible to think of everything that was accomplished considering how young we were. I don't know how active I'll be on OCR (forums or otherwise) now or in the future, but it feels good to know that I'm welcome. <3
  3. Okay, honestly not quite the response I expected, so I'll take these one at a time. 1. I don't want anyone's wives. That's some serious commitment, and I think it might be illegal. 2. Non-consensual concubines are called sex slaves these days, and that shit is bad. Bad bad. <- not being playful about this one 3. However, if these were consensual concubines (I assume that is straight person talk for pup play?), not my kink. 4. I'm going to strongly suggest that we talk about slaves and slavery only in very serious contexts and in very sensitive ways, as they are topics of extreme gravity whose effects we are still grappling with today (at the least in the USA, and I assume elsewhere). Pretty sure a person of color who might be considering joining the community would be more than a little put off by stuff like that. <- not being playful about this one 5. Throneseat sounds rad, but I make no promises about returning, and fuck reigning, I'm here to bring anarcho-syndicalism. 6. I do appreciate a good erection. 7. Is this a common tone for discussions around here? I feel really weird about this conversation. I feel weird about most conversations, but this one is pretty high on the weirdness scale.
  4. Hey everyone, I used to be a semi-active member of the forums, and thanks to the incredible support I've received from @Liontamer about updating my name on this website (both my forum name - formerly artemisjaeger - and my actual name as a remixer/human - formerly Kevin Stephens), I have been looking through my past activity on this forum. I've reached an inescapable conclusion. I was a toxic member of the community. I won't go into the details here - I've edited almost every one of my posts to add an apology at the end, so you can just open my profile and look through my activity if you want to know more - but what I do want to do is say thank you to everyone that ever called me out for my poor behavior, and I especially want to apologize to anyone and everyone I was hateful and mean toward. I was essentially a bully, and I can only imagine how many people I made to feel discouraged or hurt. Not one person deserves that. Everyone who contributes to this community is doing incredible work, whether that's through forum posts or making music, and I'm really glad to see that OCR is still thriving. Oak
  5. When I saw another SoE arrangement by Shnabubula up on the page, I threw my hands up in excitement. Very happy me. The song is amazing, and perhaps even more so than usual - they're always fantastic, but this stands out.
  6. Me like. The arrangement isn't gaudy or show-offish, which is the biggest problem I have with the majority of piano pieces and guitar pieces, and with both together, I would have expected some musicianship masturbation odyssey thing. But nope. Also, the tone on the piano is making me feel all melty. In a good way.
  7. Fantastic work. Dhsu and Mustin, you two are excellent together.
  8. Gorgonian! I saw your name on the front page and was like, "YES!" You were easily one of the (if not the singular) most promising orchestral arranger back on VGMix2, so it is incredibly exciting to see that you've continued your great arrangements. That said, this is an exceptional piece. I feel like it really managed to avoid a lot of the cliches that most VG orchestral arrangements are prone to, which is a huge plus in my book. I think what really does it for me is that you managed to get a very full sound here - phenomenal orchestration. In fact, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to see a copy of the score. Please, don't ever stop arranging/writing music. And please, submit more stuff to OCR so that we can all enjoy it!
  9. Another Soundscape is clearly one of the finest artists on this site. The production on this is flawless.
  10. It's sloppy in a few places, but certainly nothing extreme. As a whole, this is a fantastic take on the source material - they take the melodies and make them sound like they were always supposed to be jazz. Very impressive. I do agree that there's a bit too much solo wankery, though, and SuperBuckJazz did do the same thing (but better). BUT I think that should be a challenge rather than a criticism - if this group keeps it up, I fully believe that they will far exceed anyone's expectations. Edit: Sorry for being an ass about this. My comments were out of line, and I was rightly called out on it. Good piece of music with a smart and creative arrangement.
  11. This song would not be half as good with pitched percussion or melody of any kind. Just my two cents.
  12. Too repetitive my butt. This is fantastic work - precisely what I have been waiting to hear on this site for a long, long time. Best piece in months - maybe even a year. Okay, okay, perhaps the best piece here period. Maybe. It's definitely up there. And wouldn't you know it? It almost got shot down.
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