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  1. very beautiful and relaxing- but waaaay too short or maybe i was just enjoying it too much. heh i love how it blends into the song of storms- but if you're gonna call it the song of Time- then why not employ more of the chorus, y'know? this is definitely one of the most quality zelda remixes i've ever heard so i'll def have to check out your other stuff! -steph
  2. RIES FROM UR GRAEV1!11 Hey kick ass mix! nice repetition of "RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE"- man i'm gonna be playing this over and over. tehe
  3. WOO! I always loved the music from this fight !! nice remix!
  4. ok this kicks ass i was listening to the other G.A remix and couldn't pinpoint the song but now i definitely recall it. *sigh* such good memories. Anyone remember golden axe 2? we need some more remixes!
  5. good mix! hah thats funny- i used to be fricking addicted to this game and i CAN'T PINPOINT the basis of this song- this is from golden axe?!?!? wow now i gotta get a sega emulator fast
  6. sounds like a balalaika- its just a bit too dramatic ;; heh i dunno. good effort
  7. WOW this mix is awesome! i own this game and it brings back such good memories. heh actually i swear the music was the one redeeming factor of this piece of shit game- the other turtle games rock tho. but of course they were the arcade games and i have no clue of their release otherwise
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