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  1. Very true, Out-Trigger. I've had this song downloaded since probably almost a year ago, from Klutz' site. I knew it would show up here eventually, as it's another fantastic arrangement by Klutz. Personally, I prefer some of his other works, like his FFVII Overworld arrangement and his original composition "The Quest," but this song shows some different styles from Klutz, and is definitely a welcome addition to OC Remix. Excellent stuff.
  2. I totally agree with those who would like the main beat turned down a bit, because I think Rydia's vocals are absolutely great, and I wish they weren't so drowned out by the heavy beat. Still a great song though.
  3. heh thanks. lol, this WTF version is freakin nuts. The Dirty Mix on OCR is definitely better.
  4. None of the links to the WTF mix work any longer? Can anyone help me out here? I love the original, and definitely wanna hear the WTF mix.
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