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  1. you can definately hear the parts of the piece thats were used for the 'sad song'.
  2. i found the original for those who dont have real player (like me) its no 44 and there are other good ones here aswell. http://mssf.bilkent.edu.tr/turk/cddemo.htm
  3. all hail Mcvaffe another masterpiece of a really nice piece. Classical mixed with some nice drums and i take it thats a cello and viola if im not mistaken (could be violin i suppose) download now
  4. this is such a good piece (1:52 ) i like that bit. This brought back those memories of playing for 2 hours and then finally beating level 9 high 5... nostalgia so good *weeps*
  5. damn this is some good shit its quite moving really..*sniff*...*sniff*
  6. Hats off to you for the remake of the animal village tune. Ill be looking out for others from you keep up the good work. Nixs
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